Monday, February 13, 2023

Angel is a name of the Shechinah

 Zohar (3:187a) “The angel which hath redeemed me from all evil bless the lads” (Gen. XLVIII, 16). ‘These words’, he said, ‘were uttered by Jacob in the spirit of holiness, and therefore they must contain some mystery of wisdom.”Angel” is here one of the names of the Shekinah, applied to her when she is a messenger from on high and receives radiance from the supernal mirror, for then she is blessed by the Father and Mother, who say to her: Daughter, go, mind thy house, attend to thy house; go and feed them, go to the lower world where thy household wait for sustenance from thee; here is all which they require. Then she is “angel”. True, she is in many places called “angel” when she does not come to give sustenance to worlds, and further she gives sustenance not in this name but in that of “the Lord”. She is, however, called “angel” when she is sent by the Father and Mother, and “Lord” when she rests on the two Cherubim. When she first appeared to Moses she was called “angel”, but to Jacob she appeared only under the figure of Rachel, as it is written, “And Rachel came with the sheep”.

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