Wednesday, February 8, 2023

No One With a Functioning Brain Sees the GOP as the ‘Party of Normal’

Sanders’ speech seemed to be aimed almost exclusively at those Americans who are already voting Republican or who spend their day watching Fox News. Do most Americans think they are “under attack in a left-wing culture war”? Who outside the conservative fever swamp nods their head at the charge that the Biden administration "has been completely hijacked by the radical left" or that he’s “surrender(ed) his presidency to a woke mob”?

Sanders’ speech captures the Republican Party’s entire political problem in a nutshell—and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. The GOP simply has no economic or cultural message that appeals to non-Republicans.

All its party members know how to do is preach to the converted. They have no policy agenda, it seems, other than divisive culture war issues or trying to own the libs. They have no economic agenda, no health care plans, and no ideas for easing the burdens on middle-class families.


  1. Right, a speech by a guy who thinks forcibly taking money away from the productive part of society and giving it to the non-productive part will lead to economic prosperity, a member of a party that thinks that women can have penises and men can get pregnant, thinks the GOP can't relate to non-GOP'er!
    Oh now I remember - Purim's coming!

  2. He's saying half the population is not normal

  3. Wow you really believe the GOP and Fox News

  4. the GOP says the same thing about the democrats does that also bother you?

  5. Yes, same exact stupidity which divides people and causes hatred

  6. I don't read Fox news. I do know that the US allowed a Chinese spy ballon to float unmolested across the US for weeks and only shot it down when news got out that it was there. Isn't that a bit of incompetence?

  7. How do you know that?
    Did you bother finding out why?


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