Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Benefits of having a Rebbe

 Tanis (23b) R. Mani used often to attend the discourses of R. Isaac b. Eliashab and he complained: The rich members of the family of my father-in-law are annoying me. The latter exclaimed: May they become poor! And they became poor. Later on R. Mani complained: They press me for support and R. Isaac exclaimed: Let them become rich! And they became rich. On another occasion he complained: My wife is no longer acceptable to me. R. Isaac thereupon asked: What is her name? He replied: Hannah. Whereupon R. Isaac exclaimed: May Hannah become beautiful! And she became beautiful. He then complained: She is too domineering over me. Whereupon R. Isaac exclaimed: If that is so, let Hannah revert to her former ugliness! And she became once again ugly.

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  1. From my limited perspective, it seems that the story is trying to teach us something else.
    It's about complaining about little things, and that if they change they can turn worse, with the original situation having been more favourable.


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