Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Modern Day " Yehudis" Heroism


Third Day of Chanuka, 5780, Parshas Mikaitz, 5780

Modern Day "Yehudis" Heroism

by Binyomin Feinberg

Nowadays, we are witness to many individuals who exhibit exemplary courage in standing up to the female military draft in Israel. In various ways, they exemplify the very type of mesiras nefesh which we celebrate on Chanukah. The following articles provide a mere sampling of the immense self-sacrifice employed by girls throughout Israeli society today.

Here we cite selected, recently circulated reports on the crisis of conscription of girls & women into the Israeli military: 

{The first two links below appeared in the weekly email of the Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV) in the week of Parshas Vayishlach, on  Dec. 12,'19. Most of the remaining links listed below appeared therein in preceding weeks.}



(Thu, Nov 7, '19)
Breaking the Very Laws They Make:

(Wed., Nov 6, '19)

(Wed., Oct 30, '19)

(Tue., Oct 8, 2019)
Violating the Vineyard:

(28 Aug.,'19)

(4 Ellul, '79; see Jewish Press, Sept.13,'19)

Chanukah Update:

This week, on Chanukah, we were informed, by a reliable source close to the case, about a girl, A. S., who claims the following: 

She was ordered to enlist on July 14, '19.  When she arrived that day, she witnessed what was going on there. She realized that she cannot possibly enlist. She left, and three weeks later she gave herself up, and was incarcerated for six days, starting on Sun. Aug. 4. After her release on that Friday, Aug. 9, she was ordered to enlist in the Army the day after Tisha B'Av, Aug. 12. B"H, she refused, and has been officially absent-without-leave since then. She is currently being assisted by activists.

In addition to the Torah prohibition against females serving in the military, even from a secular perspective, one can understand why no girl should ever be forced into a military environment. Thus, the problem Israel has here isn't the secular element as much as the anti-religious element, which avidly promotes morally and socially subversive policies that even many secularly oriented people are not necessarily pushing for. These policies include forcibly enlisting girls into the promiscuous military.


On June 30, '19, Noa M., a religious girl, underwent a Rayon Dat (a religiosity-interrogation, apparently unaware of the Halachic objections to such procedures). She expected to receive a religious exemption, but was subsequently told by the Army that her religious exemption was being denied, reportedly. Her draft date was set for Dec. 22, '19. Reportedly, she is now being summoned to another interview, which is unusual after the draft date passed. What types of games is the military playing with people's lives?  Is this another ploy to pressure religious girls into enlisting?

May we merit the Ultimate Redemption speedily, in the merit of assisting these heroic souls.


  1. When you compare Jews who want to ensure the Jewish state is well-defended to its worst enemies, you've clearly run out of actual intelligent arguments.

  2. You continue to malign the State of Israel and the IDF with lies. Shame on you and shame on the chilul hashem you are responsible for promulgating.

  3. of course they do, for these kind of writers, the whole idea of having a State is "assur", and they see it as a "mitzvah" to continously malign the State and its leaders, whether justifiably or not.


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