Thursday, December 12, 2019

Washington Watch: Why do some cheer Trump’s Jewish tropes?

More disturbing than Trump’s usual antisemitic slurs was the cheering response of the Jewish audience, including those he’d just called “brutal killers.” Not only did they seem unbothered, but many actually cheered his bigotry. One has to wonder how they’d have responded if a Democrat said the same thing. (Note to readers: all references to laughter and applause come from the White House transcript.)

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  1. Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moves the embassy. Recognizes Golan as Israeli territory. Recognizes Jewish homes in Yehuda and Shomron as legal. Increases military cooperation and assistance to Israel. Meets with the Shalva band and gives them a tribute. Shouts down Jew-hating Democrats who actually believe the things that the left attributes to Trump. Has something few Reform Jews have - Jewish grandchildren.
    In short: Worst. Hitler. Ever.


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