Sunday, December 29, 2019

New York machete stabbings at Hanukkah event in rabbi's home result in 5 wounded: reports
A frightening attack at a Hanukkah celebration in the home of a rabbi in a suburb north of New York City on Saturday night placed the entire New York region on edge and had public officials vowing to stop the violence.

The assault in Monsey, N.Y. -- by a machete-wielding suspect who drove away but whom authorities believe was the man they apprehended later -- continued a string of incidents in recent weeks that have included beatings of Jewish people on the streets of New York City and a massacre at a kosher grocery store in nearby Jersey City, N.J.


  1. Terrible, who are these horrible attackers? Are they black muslims? One witness says that this atatcker looked black, and the video on the subway a few weeks ago was also a black muslim woman attacking the Israeli girl.

  2. Same applies for the Jersey City massacre.
    From the five victims, three were the Rabbi's sons, one listed as Chaim, but that is the Rabbi's name.Two are listed in critical condition, one is Y. Neiman, and who is the second? Plomi ben ?


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