Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christianity Today made a moral case that Trump needs to go. He responded by proving its point.

Trump began by falsely describing Christianity Today, which has a mainstream audience, as “far left” and “very ‘progressive.’” (Although it’s true the publication has been critical of Trump for years, that’s very different from being far left.) He claimed, without evidence, that the magazine “has been doing poorly.” He took gratuitous shots at the Democratic presidential candidates, comparing their faith unfavorably with his own — and ignoring the fact that if the Senate removes him from office, Vice President Mike Pence, not a Democrat, will take his place.
Christianity Today “knows nothing about reading a perfect transcript of a routine phone call and would rather have a Radical Left nonbeliever, who wants to take your religion & your guns, than Donald Trump as your President,” Trump tweeted. “No President has done more for the Evangelical community, and it’s not even close. You’ll not get anything from those Dems on stage.”


  1. Given that both leaderships are travesties of moral values, I'll go with the guy who isn't trying to destroy my religious by making my beliefs unacceptable for society. He may be a SOB, but he's my SOB.

  2. Lehavdil, but also a good comparison, just about every Chareidi and DL in Israel supports Netanyahu, as opposed to Gantz/Lapid. This , despite the fact that he is indicted for a number of corruption cases. Is a "dirty" Bibi better for Jews or a clean Lapid?

  3. So the deeper question is: who's better for the country overall?
    Yes, ethnic and religious communities will have interests they want protected and promoted by the government. What happens when those interests are detrimental to the country overall even thought they're beneficial to the group in particular?
    For example, draft avoidance and mass unemployment is a goal of the Chareidi community. Bib is likely to oblige and B&W are likely not to. But a strong argument can be made that Chareidi priorities like this are bad for the country in general. So who's really the better leader?

  4. so your sob CAN commit any crime and will not be held accountable?! incredible justification

  5. maybe it's good to have a chareidi community , even from a purely secular point of view. I will try to illustrate this - I'm playing a secular advocate rather than expressing a "daas Torah" opinion:

    Even if the wonderful chareid community participate less in secular projects like the army, universities, and the work force, they still have some presence and impact.

    They still pay taxes on what income they do have, on their purchases of food, cars, electricity etc.

    they still indulge in the mitzvah of living in E Y - and settle the land - for example, they are expanding from geula and Maalot dafna into east Jerusalem, other side of the fictional green line.

    They build houses and pay local taxes, and have many kids - so it comepnsates for the secular trend of having 2.2 kids. Even if they don't serve in the army, they counter the population threat from the Aravim.

    Even if some secular peopel become BTs and join the religious world, also some religious do the opposite - so they are also boosting secular numbers, meaning mroe peopel going to the army, university and job market.

    Even this discussion of the job market is a joke - it is not like there are 2 million jobs there waiting to be filled by anyone who is in yeshiva etc. the truth is there are very few good jobs. English speaking olim, who have language skills and western egrees, cannot find proper jobs - this I've seen on chatboards and groups - and from my own experience. So many have to make ends meet by doing waitering jobs, babysitting, dogwalking, freelance writing etc. What can the secular economy realistically offer to 1 million Chareidim studying in Yeshivos? Perhaps a few thousand can be trained in computer programming, and a few thousand will be security guards outside schools and shopping centres. But if there are no religious chools, then the security guards will also be out of a job.

  6. A functioning, emotionally mature Chareidi community would be a boon for the Jewish nation and a huge kiddush HaShem. Unfortunately, it's goes back to the old "No true Scotman" argument. Would a functioning, emotionally mature Chareidi community truly be Chareidi?

  7. Given that both my SOB and your SOB will both commit crimes, and given that the system is so corrupt that neither will be held accountable, yes I go with my SOB.

  8. and Bill Clinton?

  9. they are functioning, but not the way that the evil secularist dictators wish to see them functioning. they hate Lapid, even that frum guy from America, they hated.

    Emotions, wel that is mussar - all they know about emotions is what R' Dessler told them - loving steak, means you eat it, is that love? No love is giving, not taking. Of course, they don't see the logical fallacy, in that just as loving steak can be mocked, so can giving. Perhaps taking away people's independence, livelihood, intellect, self esteem, happiness, and all the other things that brainwash dictators do when they wriote a book like R Dessler's is also part of the absurd doublespeak in the hareidi mindset.


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