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By Binyomin Feinberg, Contributor to The Jewish Press*

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A GUEST POST, by the Conference For Child Protection (edited):



7 Kislev, 5780

Why are there so often imposter firemen blocking the real firefighters from saving a town during a raging fire?  We’ve all heard that there are concerns over the impending Board of Regents vote on the Educational Equivalency Regulations - potentially as early their next meeting on Dec. 9-10. We are told that we can relax because organizations like PEARLS are dealing with the threat.

But how many people truly understand the issue and where the real threat lies? “YAFFED” is not the true threat; it merely serves as an excuse for the GOVERNMENT to introduce the LGBT program to our yeshivos. (For the yeshivish reader, that's the abbreviation for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender.")

How Are We Being Misled Here?

In the year 2010 CE, the “DASA/Dignity of All Students” law was passed. DASA specifically requires schools to “tolerate and respect LGBT" behavior. It is currently in force in public schools as part of the curriculum, and in their books (incidentally affecting many Jewish kids there).

Cleverly, the new Regulations don't mention the section of the N.Y. State  Education Law that REQUIRES LGBT INDOCTRINATION, specifically 801A. Instead, they showcase other sections of the law, thereby reducing public resistance - and  GIVING THE REGULATORS A BLANK CHECK, TO FILL IN AT WHIM, AFTER THE REGULATIONS WOULD PASS.  If they do pass, NYS is free to require LGBT indoctrination. WE LOSE OUR LEGAL RIGHTS. All we can do is sue, at the mercy of the liberal democratic judges beholden to the same Gay Mafia that is pushing this agenda on us.

WHO Is Being Misled?

If most of this is news to you, there’s a reason for that. It is because organizations such as Aguda, PEARLS and Satmar tranquilize the Roshei Yeshiva, Menhalim and the public by withholding vital information (perhaps for the sake of funding or political gain).

Anyone who knew either Rav Ahron Kotler or the Satmar Rov, Rav Yoel ZT"L, or understands what they stood for, would realize that if they’d be alive, none of this would even be a discussion. It’s not up for discussion now either, because we may not violate the Aseres HaDibros, nor the laws of Sefer VaYikra (18:22 and 20:13).

Some frum organizations dupe us and mislead us into believing that the solution lies in appeasing the legislators with compromises. They claim that as long as we show goodwill and are “ready to improve,” the authorities will be satisfied and leave us alone. True, compromises can often avert catstrophies.  However, in this case, it is naïve to assume so, because their true goal has absolutely nothing to do with "improving the quality of education." Rather, this transparent pretext is merely the official line, behind which stands a relentless crusade to crush the Torah value system, in exchange for our incrementally accepting LGBT values -- starting with indoctrination of "respect" for LGBT behavior.

And how do we respond? We politely and helpfully capitulate by opening the door for them to enter and implement their plans, step by step! Isn’t that wonderful?!
Let us form a united front and remain resolute in completely opposing these abominable laws and regulations. If we fail to protest, we are culpable for aiding the government in accomplishing its clear aim: to slowly but surely and progressively infiltrate and destroy our Chinuch.


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  1. Common core is another component of the above ... to introduce the idea of the differences between belief and a fact at a very young age to children and to indoctrinate them earl y on to favor facts over "beliefs" thereby basically empowering children very young ones to question all heir own beliefs at a age before they have enough capacity and solid foundation in basic yiddeshkeit so later they will very easily be derailed from the torah path

    Common core is a real danger to our youth and the only way to conceivably teach this is if the teacher is Rabbi Samson Refoel Hirsch!

  2. Maybe you are taking the position of Zechariah ben Avkulos

  3. so in this case, you will violate the 3 oaths and rebel against your host nation, America! you are as bad as or worse than the Zionists,. Do you know what the Maharal says about rebelling against the nations! tut tut, how terrible you really are!

  4. Shoiteh!
    just the opposite we will fight for our yiddeshkeit and overcome and win against all odds !

    just like the metsitza bris fight which we won !

    When the Chasam Sofer talmidim fought for separation from the neolosin (same as Zionists) they fought for 40 years for inepennance from the reformers /Zionists and prevailed rav avrohom shag was the main organizer of this fearless battle against the host governments and with hashems help they won!
    (even if i was fraught with pikuach nefesh!and danger!)
    Now again we will prevail.
    Hashem wants us to fight for yiddesh keit not give up join with the lost unbelievers!( pathetic fearful lost Zionists!)

  5. The holy Chatam sofer was niftar in 1839, so no modern zionism existed. He fought reform.
    However, all you have shown is that you don't accept the oaths, and neither did anyone you mentioned.

  6. NYS Education 801A requires teaching civility, tolerance towards those who are different by different orientation from us. It certainly requires that behavior towards those who practice AZ what is worse in LGBT than AZ?

  7. "we will fight for our yiddeshkeit and overcome and win against all odds !"

    By rebelling against your host nation. This means:

    a) you do not recognize the 3 oaths, or at least not the one about rebelling
    b) you are a hypocrite
    c) Thsi is precisely what the Zionists argue, that they are fighting for their yiddishkeit or for their lives, which is halacha anyway!

    end of game

  8. And the chareidim accuse the secular zionists of stealing babies!

    Onesh mavet!


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