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PP Payback& Kyrgyzstan Pushback


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Parshas Vayishlach, 10 Kislev, 5780 °° Dec. 12, '19

By Binyomin Feinberg, Contributor to The Jewish Press*

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Apparent Planned Parenthood Payback in NJ:

The NJ Senate is expected to vote on two morally objectionable measures this coming Monday, Dec. 16, both of which passed through the Assembly in MarCheshvan. One bill, A5802 (s4301), is a special appropriations funding measure, gifting Planned Parenthood 9.5 million dollars. It unfortunately passed the Assembly, but very narrowly. That narrow margin is surprisingly encouraging. That fact obliges us to leverage any influence Orthodox communities have with State Senators to actively oppose this bill.

It should be emphasized that we would oppose this funding even if it were part of a broader budget package. In this case, it's not. Thankfully, that fact removes an argument some legislators may have used to support it. Now they have no such excuse. Please contact your state senator before Monday urging them to actively speak out against and vote NO on giving Planned Parenthood any funding whatsoever.

If your legislator doesn't care about morality, consider asking him how a fiscally faltering state like NJ can afford to provide another entitlement program for a multi-billion dollar company, especially with taxdollars of the morally opposed.

Greg Quinlan, a long time profamily NJ activist with the Center for Garden State Families (who has also worked with grassroots Orthodox askonim for years) observed the timing of this appropriations bill. It immediately follows the November election, in which the Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee funded multiple proabortion candidates, as always. It appears to be a "quid pro quo," "payback," in the vernacular. The appropriations money doesn't go directly back to the PP PAC, but would ensure that the PAC election money was well spent, from their perspective. It may not be illegal, "but it's by no means kosher," Mr. Quinlan explained.

Another objectionable bill expected in the Senate Monday is the Senate version of Assembly bill A5508 (which passed the Assembly). It would require even religious employers to pay for abortion inducing drugs in health care plans, regardless of their religious beliefs. It's important for those who represent us to both vote and speak up against these measures.

NJ Legislative Info For Senate & Assembly:

v: 609.847.3905 or (800) 792-8630


or email:


Kyrgyzstan Standing Against Moral Evils

Ozonnia Ojielo, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan, recently made some statements seen as morally subversive by many local residents of that former Russian Republic.

These are excerpts from a recent UN statement:

"The UN encourages Kyrgyzstan to foster public debate on gender equality {a primary form of moral turpitude - BF}
and womens human rights, free of intolerance and hatred. {These latter terms are often employed as euphemisms for moral subversion as well.}

The United Nations in the Kyrgyz Republic takes note of current debates on gender equality in the country, coinciding with the worldwide 16-days campaign calling for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence against women. Under the leadership of the UN Secretary-General and supported by all UN Member States, the campaign raises awareness about gender equality and gender-based violence as a core human rights issue.

Against this backdrop, the United Nations expresses concern about alarming incidents of intolerance, hate speech and calls to violence, in the wake of the Bishkek-based art exhibition Feminnale. The art event sparked polarizing discussions, which regrettably descended into numerous instances of deplorable verbal abuse and death threats against artists, women activists and rights defenders."

"... States carry an overriding obligation to ensure that such debate is free from incitement to hatred and violence against women and all groups in society, said Ozonnia Ojielo, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan..."


In reality, that aforementioned "art" (sic) exhibit was an extremely obscene performance too indecent to even describe here. Thankfully, the decadence of the performance evoked vocal opposition from local residents. That opposition is referred to above as "polarizing discussions," discussion which definitely should be polarizing - in the constructive sense of "those who love G-D shall despise evil" (Ps. 97)

Apparently, the aforementioned UN official seeks to whitewash moral subversion of a country retaining a pro-morality orientation despite the western surge into the immorality milieu.

To this UN interference, there was a vibrant local protest by a profamily activist, from Bolotbek Batilov, Chairman of Public Association "WORLD LEAGUE OF CITIZENS AND CIVIC ASSOCIATIONS."

He responded to Ozonnia Ojielo, UN Resident Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan, stating:

"Your statement on issues related to public processes in the Kyrgyz Republic goes beyond the scope of the declared and defined by the protocol of your legal, legal and political status!"

He argues that it's unacceptable to make statements that would be regarded as "lobbying for unlawful claims and interests of certain groups of dubious direction! It offends the feelings and unshakable values of the people of Kyrgyzstan!"

He added: "We do not want to qualify this as interference in the internal affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic!

"But we want to ask you to show due respect for our People and the State and continue to refrain from unreasoned statements that may be misunderstood and cause social destabilization and adversely affect the image of a country (member of the UN) in the international arena!"

"To infringe upon the rights of a multinational and multiconfessional people, in favor of satisfying unlawful, radical claims and unreasonably expanding their rights to be above the generally accepted legal relations, above the legal norms, above the laws and above the principles of legal relations laid down in the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic ... is unacceptable and unacceptable according to the same UN standards, the observance of which is your direct responsibility!" (ie., le'shito'soh he's inconsistent, BF)

It's about time we in the western world put our foot down, and stop apologizing for Torah morality. If non-Jews in Kyrgyzstan can speak up, unapologetically, then Jews in America, England, and Israel should do so with all the more vibrancy, irrespective of how few we number relative to the broader population.

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