Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The case for making Donald Trump America's first king

The men who rebelled against the crown were also living in the wrong society. So they fixed it. The time has come to rebalance and move back towards monarchy.


Evidently, Trump is interested in the prestige and public attention that comes with the presidency. But he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about niggling policy issues like Brexit or corporate tax reform.
While the idea of a president with no power sounds crazy to American ears, it’s actually how a lot of advanced democracies work around the world. Many countries have a ceremonial figurehead — either an elected president or a hereditary monarch — who represents the nation at state dinners and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. And they also have a head of government, usually the prime minister, who makes all the important policy decisions.
In the United States, we’ve combined these roles into a single person, and it hasn’t been working very well. It’s made the presidency an impossibly demanding job, while giving our head of government a degree of prestige that makes it harder to hold him accountable for his policy mistakes.
So here’s a modest proposal: Let’s make Donald Trump king of the United States. This seems to be the job he actually wants. And replacing America’s powerful elected president with a powerless hereditary monarchy would improve the American political system.


  1. Nah. I was thinking more along the lines of absolute power.

  2. The tried to dethrone him from Day One.

    Deep State did not act democratically. To weed out Deep State will take an undemocratic phase.

    Please confer this article:

  3. “So here’s a modest proposal: Let’s make Donald Trump king of the United States.”
    This week’s parsha שפטים
    “And he shall not have many wives, lest his heart go astray; nor shall he amass silver and gold to excess. When he is seated on his royal throne כשבתו על כסא ממלכתו, he shall have a copy of this Teaching משנה התורה הזאת written for him on a scroll ספר by the Levitical Priests מלפני הכהנים הלוים.” (Deuteronomy 17:17-18).
    Rashi: “When he is seated on his royal throne. If he did so [obey the commandments in the previous verse] he is worthy that his kingship should last.”
    The king first has to be seated on his royal throne, meaning that his rule is established with no opposition parties having any power whatsoever. If he establishes his rule by being a good king, meaning making the country great, then his rule will last. Making himself rich is ok, but only so far to make sure to cover government expenses:
    Sanhedrin 21b
    Mishnah. He shall not multiply horses unto himself only as many as suffice for his chariot. and silver and gold he shall not greatly multiply unto himself only as much as is required for aspanya [government expenses such a soldiers pay].
    Yes, Trump will win in 2020 and Netanyahu will win September 17, 2019, please God.


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