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Orthodox Jewish Girl Languishing in Military Prison - Over Her Resolve to Remain Faithful to Her Religion... NOT IN SWEDEN - BUT IN ISRAEL


16 Ellul, 5779 °°° Sept. 16, '19

Parshas Ki-Sovo

By Binyomin Feinberg, Contributor to The Jewish Press*

* The perspectives and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership or management of The Jewish Press.


Orthodox Jewish Girl Languishing in Military Prison - Over Her Resolve to Remain Faithful to Her Religion... NOT IN SWEDEN - BUT IN ISRAEL


For about an entire week, a religious Jewish girl, Zivah bas Mazal, has been held in "Ma'atzar Patuch" ("Open Prison") in Tel HaShomer, in military incarceration, over her resolve to obey the Torah prohibitions against enlisting in the IDF under any circumstances. According to Jewish Law, one is obligated to sacrifice one's life, if need be, to prevent the draft of girls into the Israeli Defence Forces. For that reason, the Brisker Rov OB"M participated in demonstrations against the government over the female draft. He did so in the face of his known reticence to participate in anti-government demonstrations, deeming it too dangerous, given the specter of protester deaths. Nevertheless, Giyus Banos (the female draft), he exhorted, is "yai'horaig ve'al ya'avor." [How much more so is it incumbent on us to forego government funding, assistance, and other benefits and comforts, to oppose the drafting of girls.] A protest had been scheduled for tonight, on the eve of the Israeli elections. It will be interesting to see if and how the religious Knesset members react. Will the "Moment of Truth" come and go without an acknowledgement of one of the most crucial struggles in Israel today? Will saving girls, religious or otherwise, from abuse in the exploitive military environment of the IDF take precedence over procurement of financial or other government benefits?

Zivah was arrested because she was ostensibly late in submitting her religious certification. Given the fact that enlisting in the military is something a girl is obligated to sacrifice her very life to avoid, the requirement on her to enlist in the military just for being late in submitting documentation of religiosity is draconian, and, in effect, constitutes an anti-religious policy.

Zivah, apparently on advice of others, recently met with a top official in "Maitav," the military unit involved in drafting girls into military service. (Unbeknownst to her, just meeting with those bent on drafting girls itself is prohibited according to Torah law, as well as demonstrably hazardous from a practical perspective.)

Perhaps the result of the meeting explains how such a high level military official, serving in a major military power currently engaged in life-and-death struggles on multiple fronts, found the time to meet a solitary religious girl seeking a military exemption. He
denied her religious exemption, citing IDF service by her brother! (The fact that her family is also religious didn't help her.)

This "game-changing" pronouncement revealed a massive IDF inconsistency. For years, the government has invested heavily in the massive, controversial, and extremely cumbersome mission of drafting hard-to-integrate Chareidim, claiming vociferously that they can remain Chareidi in the IDF. Now, a top Maitav official admits that it considers IDF service a contradiction to being religious -- so much of a contradiction that it even disqualifies the female siblings from being considered religious Jews, denying them their religious exemptions from IDF service. Amazing.

Although this IDF promulgation would certainly not serve as an appealing advertisement for "Netzach Yehuda" (a religious-oriented fighting unit within "K'fir"), it's far worse as public policy. We await the outcry of Knesset members against this brazen antireligious coercion.

Zivah is expected to have a hearing on Thursday. Please daven and learn be'retzifus (without verbal interruption) in the merit of Zivah bas Mazal.

The organization "B’nos Melech," involved in this case, will deliver letters of chizuk sent for Zivah. Letters can be faxed to 011-972-2-502-4400, or emailed to 2838590@gmail.com.


Hatzolas Nefashos:

Help is immediately needed for another religious girl -- and her severely ill mother:






Are you [or do you know of] a young woman who needs help in dealing with IDF Draft Office (Lishkas HaGiyus) to obtain your LEGAL exemption from IDF service?

Have your legal rights to an exemption from IDF military service been violated?

Does the Army claim they never received your Religious Certification ("Tatzhir Dat") - even though you know that you sent it in?

Have you been called down to a Ra'ayon Dat ("Religious Test")?

Are you aware the of Psak Din of leading Rabbis against appearing in the Lishkat HaGiyus altogether, even for what seems to be the simplest "in and out" tasks?

Have you been mistreated in the Lishkat HaGiyus (Draft Office)? Have you been forced to undergo an invasive Medical Exam?

Have you been drafted or even willingly enlisted into the Israeli military, only to realize how extraordinary difficult it is to remain faithful to foundational Torah obligations or to retain your personal modesty in the immoral, exploitive military environment?

Have you G-d forbid been abused in the IDF, and denied the help you are legally entitled to?

Have you been compelled to seek refuge from abusers within the IDF and their enablers?

KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. AND DO NOT GIVE UP. Help IS available, much of it FREE of cost for those unable to afford it. Many, many young women have been helped, even those in situations that had appeared hopeless.

PARENTS: The prohibition of "LO SA'AMOD AL DAM RAI'ECHAH" APPLIES TO TOUR OWN DAUGHTERS TOO. Do NOT accept the propaganda of naysayers who claim that "you cannot fight the system." And know your rights, and learn who can help you.

FRIENDS: Do not allow an innocent person to be lost, or abused by perpetrators, be they in the military or elsewhere.

Educate yourself about the options available.

Here is the Emergency contact number of the "Shalhevet" organization for girls and young women in trouble with the IDF draft, to contact for immediate assistance:


v: 03-958-4048 ext 2

Or 3192 * to leave a message

e: 6202300@gmail.com

שלהבת 03-958-4048 שלוחה 2

או 3192*

להשאיר הודעה


To check for possible Giyus Banos updates throughout the week, visit:




  1. fake news and fake Torah.

    here are the false /misleading statements made in this article:

    1) has been held in "Ma'atzar Patuch" ("Open Prison") in Tel HaShomer, in military incarceration

    Open Prison - ok, so it is not closed prison. Military prison for those who evade the draft is not like a prison in America , Russia , China or Iran. It is a camp, where they have rights, kosher food, and can observe shabbat, can get siddurim etc. They are nto tortured , it is nto a chas v shalom a concentration camp (contrast with the Chinese "shmad" they have with their muslims, in concentration camps).

    2) " According to Jewish Law, one is obligated to sacrifice one's life, if

    need be, to prevent the draft of girls into the Israeli Defence Forces

    Where in the Talmud does it say this? where in the Rambam or Shulchan Aruch? No sources have been provided. it was simply a slogan invented by the anti-zionists, and way to resist the draft. Furthermroe, if hareidim are so frum, and follwo Daas torah of their rebbes, why has not one singel person given up their life to prevent this happening?

    3) "Giyus Banos (the female draft), he exhorted, is "yai'horaig ve'al ya'avor.

    The author of this statement has either forgotten what Rambam says about yeharaig , or has falsified it to make maximum impact for political gains.

    Yeharaig v'lo yaavor has a number of elements which need to be fulfilled for it to become active:

    a) there must be an order to violate one of 3 cardinal Torah prohibitions - idolatry, adultery, murder.

    b) The threat must be done with a sword or gun, with explicit threat to kill you if you do not follow their command. If they do not threaten you with death, there is not yeharaig, by definition. If the punishment is something other than death,
    eg being detained in a prison, with kosher food, then you cannot choose to die.

    c) The reverse also applies - i.e. yaavor v'lo yehareig. So if it means, eat treife food or be shot, you have to eat the treife. Similarly, in a situation where one will starve to death by not eating treife, one is obliged to eat it.

    Plenty of even secular Israelis evade the draft somehow. Perhaps they know the system have friends who taught them tricks, and they may spend some time in military prison, or not. These people get out, and then continue without having been tortured , forced to ear chazir or being shot.

    I am not supporting the draft of religious girls, but making extreme claims, about yeharaig , is just politics, no different from Bibi and gantz.

  2. Reminds me of an American drama show in which a young Jewish woman required an new heart valve but refused the only one available because it came from a pig. After all, had she signed up for national service, this story would never have happened, but she and her circle invented a new rule, even made it a "yehareg v'al va'yavor" (pretty rich coming from the "Kol chadah assur" crowd) and then became a martyr over it.


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