Wednesday, September 18, 2019

G-d chooses Liberman to decide future of Israel like he chose Trump

Liberman promised on Tuesday night that his party would fulfil its campaign vow to ensure the establishment of a national unity government without the ultra-Orthodox and religious-Zionist parties. 

“I say to all citizens, our security and economy are in an emergency situation. Therefore the state must have a broad national, liberal government and not one which fights for survival from one week to the next and from one no-confidence vote to the next. 

The Yisrael Beytenu leader vowed that no attempts to tempt him with of ministerial positions or even a prime ministerial rotation agreement would persuade him to abandon his goal of a national unity government without the sectoral parties. 

And Liberman even stated that he would not mind being left out of the coalition if it meant avoiding the complications of a narrow government.

The fact that the exit polls gave neither the right-wing or left-wing political blocs a majority means that Liberman’s goal of forcing a national unity government without the ultra-Orthodox or religious parties now appears attainable.

From there, Liberman went on to Tel Aviv, and made sure to stop at the “Jewish Bridge,” a pedestrian bridge spanning the Ayalon Highway and connecting the separate parts of the city.

Political pressure by the ultra-Orthodox parties on the government led to construction on the new bridge scheduled for several Saturdays in a row to be canceled because of the desecration of Shabbat involved in the work.

The work was eventually resumed after the Tel Aviv Municipality petitioned the High Court of Justice against the construction freeze.

Speaking at the Jewish Bridge during Election Day, Liberman said that “We are all in favor of the sanctity of Shabbat, but the sanctity of life is even more important.”

ליברמן מפחיד: "לימודי ליבה בחינוך החרדי - תנאי סף"

Liberman: We Insist on a secular national unity government,7340,L-5591530,00.html
Speaking to reporters outside his home in the settlement of Nokdim Wednesday, Liberman said he does not rule out joining a coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but his pre-election demands for a secular government remain in place.

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  1. Lubavitcher rebbe once said, as long as Lieberman is in charge of JTS, things will be fine. 😝


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