Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Netanyahu to Likud: 'We will do everything to prevent a dangerous government'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened members of the Likud faction at the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem, addressing the election results.
"I come here after a meeting with the leaders of the National Camp parties," said Netanyahu. “We unanimously decided that we will go together into negotiations for the establishment of a government headed by me.”
“We will conduct the negotiations with one delegation, Yariv Levin will be at the head.”
Netanyahu added: "Now that we have established the bloc of right-wing parties, there will be either a government headed by me, or a dangerous government that relies on the Arab parties. We will make every effort to prevent this dangerous government."


  1. Rav edelstein, hareidi gadol hador, going to vote. Sorry berel , nobody cares about the nonsense of satmar, who claimed voting is the worst sin of all the Torah and shulchan Aruch!

  2. No he won't, because the easiest way to prevent a dangerous government is to make an agreement with YB and B&W to form a coalition and then resign. And he won't do that.

  3. Why should he resign?
    By this logic, B&W should convince Netanyahu to make a unity coalition with them and then Gantz should resign. Makes no sense.

  4. No, your logic is incorrect. Gantz has ruled out sitting with Bibi (I know, I know, he'll change his mind when it's convenient) but Bibi says he wants to sit with Gantz.

  5. That's great and all, he can rule out sitting with Bibi all day long, but he doesn't have the seats without Likud. Gantz literally has 44 seats in the left bloc. 52 if you add Lieberman.

    Counting the Arab List as Center-Left bloc as if that's what B&W voters want, is truly insane. Just another tactic of the Israeli leftist fakenews in their quest to overthrow Bibi.

    What does either of them wanting or not wanting to sit with each other have to do with your original comment not making sense? That I will never know.

    The bottom line is neither man has enough seats without the other to form a govt. B&W could try to bribe the haredi parties into it, but that would betray everything they campaigned on, so I don't think they'd want to kill off their own party and careers like that. If they did, no one could ever run on a stance like that again and be believed.

  6. Maybe this, maybe that .
    No logic to it. Bibi, gantz, Lieberman, and deri all want to be in government. They prefer each other to the Arab seats.


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