Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Leah Litman Trump's Ukraine call mentioning Biden is the strongest reason yet for impeachment


Even if Trump did not explicitly dangle a quid pro quo over Ukraine to get the country to launch an investigation into Biden’s son, the fact that Trump as president has control over foreign aid and military assistance to Ukraine distinguishes this scenario from his request to Russia. Candidate Trump didn’t hold the keys to Russia’s security in his hands; President Trump does with respect to Ukraine. And his request that a foreign government investigate a political opponent under those circumstances is troubling. (Ukraine reportedly stopped cooperating with the Mueller investigation because it was concerned about losing U.S. military support.)


  1. The Democrats need to call a suucide prevention hotline.

  2. "The strongest reason yet!"

    This is like saying, this number is higher than zero! But is it 0.0000001?
    It's amazing how delusional some people are, that they are willing to buy into one lie after the next, all on the hope that it will result in removing Trump from office and undoing a democratic election because they don't like the result.

    There are people stupid enough to be still waiting for a Rachel Maddow bombshell report that sinks the president, 3 years into his term. 3 years!


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