Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Chareidim Don’t Work and Won’t Go into the Army


Avigdor Liberman is putting in overtime to convince Israeli voters that this election is about Religion, State and Chareidim (the Ultra-Orthodox)- when it is only about dethroning Netanyahu, distancing Liberman’s former close partners – the Chareidim, from the government, and if his latest faux pas is any indication, to maneuver his way into the premiership.
We’ve all heard claims how Chareidim don’t work, that Chareidim don’t go to the army, that Chareidim don’t carry their share of the national burden. Liberman’s supporters are saying Liberman is raising this anti-Chareidi / anti-religious flag for their own good and ours.
The tone, the rhetoric, the Sinat Chinam is horrifying – and far too many people accept these statements/assumptions as fact.


  1. Fake claims. There are not enough jobs even for the non chareidi population.
    The unemployment office can only find jobs as security guards, and today there is less need for that.
    There is no burden of shared labour. A lot of western olim with degrees can't find jobs in their profession, so they work as waiters etc.
    Army, IMHO, needs to be in consultation with heads of yeshivas. This is what Rav simcha Kook says, so that's good enough. Girls not really required, certainly no need to recruit religious girls.
    Maybe religious people can design robots to fight future wars.

  2. Also, Liberman is aiming at the Russian vote, and this population has many peopel who have abused the Law of Return, who are not Jewish at all, and made fake claims to get out of Russia and get a more "western" passport.

  3. Charedi unemployment is a result of the draft. The military is anti-religious so Charedim have to seek exemptions and exemptions forbid young men from working.

  4. Also, there are certain industries which are dominated by Chareidi and Orthodox, such as Diamonds - one of the biggest exports for Israel's economy. This is helped by traditional networks built by Hareidi businessmen, and provdiing work for other Israelis too.

  5. Stupid Joe has a suggestion. Maybe they should ditch democracy, and follow the Torah over there and pick a Torah serving monarch.

  6. The Chareidi community is in a difficult position.
    There are many Chareidim in the army. There are many who work and contribute to the economy.
    But the official position of the "Gedolim" is "No work! No army!" So there can be no statement to the contrary.
    So when the Chilonim claim that Chareidim don't serve and don't work, there's no way to refute them!

  7. ------------
    no, not all jobs require army service
    I wasn't called up to the army, for whatever reason, I don't know, however, there were a handful of advertised jobs that required army service - not a lot of them. If you want to work for the Airsapce industries, then it might be a good idea to serve in the air force.

    If you want to be a programmer, then the only requirement is that you learn the correct programming languages. many frum people in hi tech.
    Chareidi unemplyment is a result of the views of such leaders as Rabbi Dessler, Rav Shach and othes who vehemently opposed learning a trade, university, or secular education in general. Don't blame it on the army!

  8. Lieberman has always been nothing more than a fraud saying anything to get votes.


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