Monday, September 16, 2019


You are correct on both points. The problem is the obsession anti-Trumpers have with pointing that out day and night.
Back in Germany in the 1930's and 40's no conversation was complete without a couple of "Seil Heil" shout-outs. Failure to do that meant you would be suspected of disloyalty. Today for liberals, it's "I hate Trump". Failure to say that over and over again no matter what the topic of discussion calls into question your liberal credentials.

However, Trump said, "at the very moment when our country should be coming together to enjoy these wonderful blessings the radical Democrats are trying to tear America apart."

"They vilify anyone who doesn't share their extreme views," the president said, as the crowd booed.

"They slander our law enforcement heroes," he said, pointing to an incident that saw New York residents splash water on New York Police Department officers.

"I know a lot of New York's finest. They're not happy, they're not happy and they are great people...for that to be allowed to happen is a disgrace," Trump said.

Of the Democrats, the president said: "They view everybody as fascists and Nazis."

"They use the term 'Nazi'. This was a term, you couldn't even use it. now they use it like on a regular basis. 'A Nazi. He's a Nazi.' Think of that. 'He's a Nazi.' You couldn't use it. Now they use it."


  1. “Trump accused Democrats of viewing 'everybody as fascists and nazis”
    Trump is right. Daf Hayomi yesterday: K’rithoth 25a:
    “The [other] Rabbis on the other hand say: Burnt-offerings עולה and peace-offerings ושלמים may be brought either in fulfilment of a vow בנדר or as freewill sacrifices ונדבה, [Heb. neder or nedabah. In the latter a particular animal is dedicated, in the former a sacrifice generally is vowed.] but sin-offerings חטאת and guilt-offerings ואשם only as obligatory sacrifices; and the reason why one brings at all a suspensive sin-offering ואשם תלוי, although the sin is uncertain, is to afford him protection להגן עליו, because the Torah has compassion upon the lives of Israel דהתורה חסה על גופן של ישראל [viz., to spare the trespasser punishment]. Said Rab Aha the son of Raba to Rab Ashi: May it not be that the suspensive guilt-offering אשם תלוי is analogous to burnt-offerings and peace-offerings בעולה ושלמים; as burnt-offerings and peace-offerings מה עולה ושלמים are brought either by free will or by obligation, so may suspensive guilt-offerings אשם תלוי be brought either by free will or by obligation? He replied: Burnt-offerings עולה and peace-offerings ושלמים are mentioned in Scripture mainly as freewill sacrifices, suspensive guilt-offerings אשם תלוי mainly as obligatory sacrifices [i.e., burnt-offerings and peace-offerings are chiefly prescribed as thanksgiving, festival and communal sacrifices; the guilt-offering is always the outcome of a sinful action].”
    Reminds me of Jonah: “Then the Lord said: You cared about the plant, which you did not work for and which you did not grow, which appeared overnight and perished overnight. And should not I care about Nineveh, that great city, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons who do not yet know their right hand from their left, and many beasts as well [infants and beasts are not held responsible for their actions]! ” (Jonah 4:10-11).
    “Mr. Trump might also apologize to John Bolton, who warned repeatedly that Iran would take advantage of perceived weakness in the White House. Mr. Bolton resigned last week over policy differences, notably on Iran. The weekend’s events proved the former adviser right. The Trump Administration’s pressure campaign has been working, and abandoning it now would encourage Tehran to take more military risks.”
    Bravo Trump. John Bolton, and Netanyahu and Kavanaugh (SCOTUS 18-9390 October 1, 2019).

  2. Bolton is a tzaddik amongst the nations

  3. Kalonymus Anonymus “Bolton is a tzaddik amongst the nations”
    Yes. Thank you God for sending us Trump POTUS and Netanyahu. Bravo Joseph Orlow.
    We, who love/respect Trump, expect that Trump will continue on in his brilliant path that needs more time to persuade even Democrats. Trump’s path against evil enemies of the USA and Israel: maximum pressure.
    “Mr. Trump retweeted Mr. Rubio’s statement with a comment: “In fact, my views on Venezuela, and especially Cuba, were far stronger than those of John Bolton. He was holding me back!”... The financial squeeze on Havana, engineered by Mr. Bolton, has had some success but needs more time. On Wednesday Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba’s figurehead president, warned that blackouts are coming due to fuel shortages caused by the U.S. sanctions against oil shipments from Venezuela. Dialogue or not, this—and leaving all options on the table—is what set Mr. Trump’s policy apart from the unrelenting appeasement practiced by Mr. Obama with Castro, Chávez and the terrorist FARC. Call it maximum pressure. As long as it stays in place, the Bolton strategy may still prevail even if the former national security adviser doesn’t get the credit. ”
    Netanyahu also needs more time to persuade the Left in Israel and in the USA.


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