Sunday, July 14, 2019


Education Minister and Bayit Yehudi leader Rabbi Rafi Peretz caused a firestorm of protest Saturday night after stating he believes the highly controversial practice of “gay conversion therapy” - trying to change a gay individual’s sexual orientation - is effective. 

Peretz said that he himself has participated in providing such “treatment” to gay individuals in the past and that his approach is for the person in question “to get to know himself better and then decide” on their sexual orientation.


  1. Kalonymus AnonymusJuly 15, 2019 at 3:38 PM

    This man's work helped Britain defeat the Nazis, and saved many lives of Jews and non Jews,7340,L-5550638,00.html

  2. why help push the Gay wagon?
    Hashem despises it
    You are rooting for the satan kook gay team the wrong team! the lost team!

  3. Kalonymus AnonymusJuly 16, 2019 at 2:25 AM

    pot calling the kettle black!

    a) the gay wagon was pushed by your Aidah friends for Mr Dr de Haan, because the ends justify the means, in your world. That is why they associate with meshumad Atzmon (see video of him with gayteens Shapiro), and the rodefim, eg Iran, Hamas etc.

    b) It is not a gay wagon - it is the irony - that because of the work of that man, the Allies turned the tide against the Nazis and in doing so the rest of the Jews in Europe were spared.

    c) His scientific work has nothing to do with his private life. You might not accept a new banknote with him on it, but your lot will name people after De haan!

  4. BEWARE! Montessori Gays "Holier-than-thou"
    daas-neveilah Hypocrisy's.

    Psychologist Stuart Twemlow noted that 45% of the teachers surveyed admitted to having bullied a student.

    BEVERLY, Mass. A Beverly, Mass. teacher is suing a "Maria Montessori school" he taught at for nearly three years over accusations that the institution terminated his employment because of his pro-LGBTQ opinions and consistent requests to provide a more culturally competent atmosphere for LGBTQ students.

    During his first year, he alleges, a school administrator ignored a parent’s concern about a student being bullied, reportedly due to the child’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

    “These non-verbal expressions included eye rolls, avoidance, failure to include me in discussions, non-responsiveness, using scathing or disdainful tones of voice when speaking to me, and passive aggressive language,” reads a section of the complaint. The complaint also states that someone anonymously left a copy of a New York Times article in his staff mailbox with a column on the need for schools to be tolerant of conservative viewpoints.

    NOTE: Conduct that may cross the line and be considered bullying include:

    Belittling or intimidating a student.
    Singling out one student for punishment or ridicule.
    Humiliating or shaming students in front of classmates.
    Yelling at a student or group of students.
    Using racial or religious slurs or other forms of belittling a student based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
    Sarcastic comments or jokes about a student.
    Public criticism of a child's work.
    Consistently assigning poor grades to one student on objective assignments or projects.

    PS: In the United States, "roughly 290,000 students experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a "school employee" from 1991 to 2000.


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