Wednesday, July 24, 2019

No, Mexico didn't take 30% of U.S. auto business as Trump claims

Our ruling
Trump said Mexico "took 30 percent of our automobile business."
Experts say there isn’t one example of an automaker closing a plant in the U.S. in order to open one in Mexico, much less enough to total 30% of anything.
And Mexican-built cars still account for only 15% of sales in the U.S.
It’s noteworthy that car production has decreased in the U.S. while increasing in Mexico in recent years, and that Mexico has landed the majority of the new vehicle plants built in North America in the last decade.
But neither of those trends match Trump’s description in the more detailed CNBC claim, of plants being closed and workers let go in the U.S. as work moves to Mexico.
We rate Trump’s claim False.

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