Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Three daycare assistants suspected of abuse

Israel Police opened an investigation into three daycare assistants suspected of attacking children in their care, Israel Hayom reported.
A restraining order has been issued against assistants, who are employed by a daycare center in Rosh Ha'ayin's Psagot Afek neighborhood.
There is also a suspicion that the abuse caused one of the children to suffer a broken leg.
According to Israel Hayom, the investigation was opened after parents submitted a complaint against the daycare assistants, claiming the assistants had acted violently towards their children. One of the mothers, whose son broke his leg in daycare, submitted a complaint claiming that the assistants caused the break.
The child's parents have removed him from the center until additional details became clear, and other children have been removed from the center as well.
Israel Police investigators interrogated the assistants and issued a two-week restraining order. Investigators have also taken security footage from the center, in order to investigate whether any abuse was documented.
Earlier this month, 25-year-old Carmel Mauda, a daycare provider also from Rosh Ha'ayin, admitted to abusing the children in her care, saying she had a "black day" and "was a devil.

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