Wednesday, July 17, 2019

As the leading targets of hate crimes, Jews are routinely being attacked in the streets of New York City.

The incidents now pass without much notice, a steady, familiar drumbeat of violence and hate targeting visibly Jewish people in New York City.
Early on the morning of June 15, a Saturday, two men in a white Infiniti drove around Borough Park, a vast, traditional Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in central Brooklyn. Surveillance footageposted on the local website BoroPark24 showed a man jumping out of the car’s passenger side as someone in a shtreimel and long black jacket walked down the sidewalk in their direction. As the car idled, the passenger approached the Jewish stranger, lunged at him in a linebacker-like stutter-step, and then darted to the waiting vehicle, which promptly sped away. Levi Yitzhak Leifer, head of the Borough Park Shmira neighborhood patrol, said there were at least six and as many as nine reported incidents that night involving the same vehicle. Beresch Freilich, a rabbi who serves as a community liaison with the NYPD in Borough Park, said that some of the targeted individuals sensed a violent intent: “The car passed by going back and forth, and they felt it was trying to run them over.”


  1. “As the leading targets of hate crimes, Jews are routinely being attacked in the streets of New York City”
    Terrible. See
    Jewish leaders in France not really encouraging to make aliya
    I want Jewish religious leaders everywhere to encourage much more to make aliya. .In my case in 1991 Rabbi Irwin Haut and Rivka Haut and Rabbi Mendel Epstein and my brother Rabbi Yitzchok Aranoff and wife Chavie and children were not really encouraging Susan to make aliya. The one exception was Rabbi Solomon Kornfeld זצ"ל. He wrote to Susan on the shul’s stationary for Susan not to abandon me. This is my letter today:
    1.I request permission to submit these papers concerning my motion 649 7/15/2019. I'm attaching an affidavit of service proving I mailed by UPS a true copy to Susan. I attach Exhibit A: Susan, Rabbi Irwin Haut and his wife Rivka court papers 1991 and Exhibit B: Rabbi Kornfeld 7/1/1991 to Susan not to forsake her husband.
    2.Exhibit A: Susan, Rabbi Irwin Haut and his wife Rivka court papers 1991 show convincingly that Susan and I were still married in 1991 and had a dispute on where to live. Rabbi Irwin Haut and his wife Rivka interfered in a matter not of theirs to incite Susan to do a separation action with the aim of divorce. The question I want SCOTUS 18-9390 and NYS COA 649 to answer is: while 2 are married, there's no good reason to open up a separation action seeking divorce, yes? Irwin and Rivka Haut are the wicked passerby, madman and cheater in Proverbs 26:16--17:
    A passerby who gets embroiled in someone else's quarrel
    Is like one who seizes a dog by its ears.
    Like a madman scattering deadly firebrands, arrows,
    Is one who cheats his fellow and says, I was only joking.
    5.Note that Susan put in no opposition papers. NYS COA almost never grants on reargument, so why respond? I've been grossly mistreated at NYS courts and I'm hoping SCOTUS takes my side. .NYS COA and SCOTUS permit me to write letters, using UPS with copy to Susan. Letters do not get returned to me, but stay in my file. I ask the Court to grant my motion. My hope is that NYS COA seeing that SCOTUS 18-9390 is pending will grant my motion.

  2. Yes I’m plenty angry at NYS court officials. I’m angry at ORA and Agunah International for making families more fragile and for needlessly ruining family formations. I’m angry at the רשע ערום garbage K-G heter. I love Rabbi Eliezer Melamed on the importance of marriage, stability, cohabitation, I cited earlier...
    “As Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam wrote in 2017, “The white working-class family is today more fragile than the black family was at the time of the famous alarm-sounding 1965 ‘Report on the Negro Family’ by Daniel Patrick Moynihan.” Liberals who insist that racial discrimination largely explains the black-white wealth gap are ignoring other plausible explanations. Black poverty and employment today, for example, seem to be more a function of family formation than of white racism. For more than 20 years, black married couples have had poverty rates in the single digits, and black married men have had a higher labor-force participation rate than white men who never married. According to The Wall Street Journal, last year the labor-force participation gap between blacks and whites virtually vanished, the first time that’s happened since 1972. Systemic racism may be “in the air we breathe,” but black unemployment rates are at generational lows. “Family instability and fatherlessness collide with racial and economic disadvantage to create a negative feedback loop in black communities, hampering children’s potential and perpetuating racial inequality,” writes Kay Hymowitz in a recent City Journal essay.”
    Fragile = easily broken or damaged. synonyms: breakable, easily broken, brittle, frangible, smashable, splintery, flimsy, weak, frail, insubstantial, delicate, dainty, fine; eggshell "she was anxious about her fragile porcelain" flimsy or insubstantial; easily destroyed. "you have a fragile grip on reality" synonyms: tenuous, easily broken, easily destroyed, easily threatened, vulnerable, perilous, flimsy, shaky, rocky, risky, unreliable, suspect, nebulous, unsound, insecure
    Family formation = The study of family formation processes (parenthood, marriage, cohabitation, ... by the government in some cases is determined by the definition of family.
    "But Susan Aranoff, director of Agunah International, which supports Jewish women seeking divorces, said social media has little effect because many husbands still are resistant after "all the bullets have been fired." Terrible.


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