Thursday, July 11, 2019

Defending Trump and the Gedolim they are doing a great job even though they are repulsive and destroying America(Torah)

Understood. Politics breeds hypocrisy. I'm aware of that. Personally, as much as I lionize Donald Trump, I have no desire to actually meet him in person.


  1. Kalonymus AnonymusJuly 11, 2019 at 12:34 PM

    Which Gedolim? And since when? This has been argued by various persons, groups over the ages. There was even a big dispute between Rav Saadia Gaon and Ben Meir.

  2. Sigh. Perfection is an elusive goal. But it can be reached. The premise of the classic Musar Sefer Mesilas Yesharim is that perfection is achievable.

    When it comes to politics, perfection perforce requires hypocrisy.

    I think I may have mentioned this before on this blog. I'm not sure. Forgive me if I'm being repetitive. And I'm not going to get this exactly right, but the gist of the incident is this:

    Rabbi Yehuda Levin had a question about actively supporting a certain candidate. He asked Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn to pose this question to Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky zt"l:

    Which is better: to support a candidate who is supportive of Jews (e.g. proclaims he is pro-Israel) but who is weak on moral issues (e.g. supports abortion on demand); or to support a candidate who has exhibited antipathy to Jews (e.g. openly welcomes support from voters who express hatred of Jews) but who is strong on moral issues (e.g. opposes expanding rights for homosexuals)?

    The answer was the latter: priority should be given to candidates with moral positions when voting.

    Now, the Democrats support unfettered abortion, even abortion which is close to murder. The Democrats support LGBTetc rights.

    Donald Trump supports these issues less.

    As a Jew, in line with what Reb Yaakov taught, I support President Trump.

    Am I a hypocrite? In a sense, yes. But who cares? I'm doing the right thing.

  3. It's a lot simpler than you want it to be.
    Under Trump, evangelicals can operate freely and push their agenda. It's not about his morals, it's about his needing their support and therefore giving them an advantage. Under a Democratic president they would be targeted as enemies of the state. So why not support Trump?


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