Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The viral video of Ivanka Trump at the G20 perfectly captures the problem with nepotism


The glaring disconnect between how President Donald Trump views his daughter’s diplomatic skills and how the rest of the world sees them came to a very public head this weekend thanks to a viral, cringeworthy of Ivanka Trump attempting to interact with world leaders at the G20 in Japan.
Ivanka has no real qualifications to serve as a diplomatic representative of the United States. She hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate for a government position. Her signature Trump Organization real estate projects were linked to alleged money laundering, and she only received a security clearance after her father reportedly overruled top aides who thought giving her one was a bad idea.
In short, it’s unfathomable Ivanka would be one of the most powerful people in the White House if nepotism wasn’t at play.

Ivanka Trump and Don Jr. put on a ludicrous show

Amid all the other craziness surrounding Donald Trump's foray onto the world stage this weekend, nothing exceeded the farcical roles assumed by his daughter Ivanka Trump — who is now, like her husband Jared Kushner, a self-styled diplomat with a heavy footprint — and her brother Donald Jr., who reprised his father's racist birtherism, this time with a retweet aimed at Sen. Kamala Harris. (Then, lacking a full measure of the old man's nerve, Jr. suddenly retreated).
Although Donald Trump Jr.'s maliciousness was shocking, it was Ivanka Trump's arrogance that was truly breathtaking. Moment by moment — from the G20 at Osaka, to a jaunt into the DMZ — she inserted herself into the middle of high-level conversations, assuming the role of equal among people with vastly greater qualifications. In a sea of serious black and grays, she stood out in colorful high fashion that seemed designed to steal the limelight.
Her father's commentary about her presence — "She's going to steal the show" — betrays much truth. This is a showbiz family, treating world affairs like a performance, and in the process making the United States look ridiculous

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