Friday, July 5, 2019

mamzer alert


  1. “mamzer alert”
    Actually I like this mamzer alert. A bet din can make any kind of announcements they want within their prerogative/rights/power.
    Yevamoth 121a
    “Once a man was drowned in the swamp of Samki, and R. Shila permitted his wife to marry again. Said Rab to Samuel: Come, let us place him under the ban [For permitting a married woman to remarry]. Let us first, the other replied, send to [ask] him [for an explanation]. On their sending to him the enquiry: [If a man has fallen into] water which has no [visible] end. is his wife forbidden or permitted [to marry again]? He sent to them [in reply], His wife is forbidden. And [they again enquired] is the swamp of Samki regarded as water that has [a visible] end or as water that has no [visible] end? It is, he sent them his reply, a water that has no [visible] end. Why then did the Master [they asked] act in such a manner? I was really mistaken, he replied; I was of the opinion that as the water was gathered and stationary it was to be regarded as water which has [a visible] end, but the law is in fact not so; for owing to the prevailing waves it might well be assumed that the waves carried [the body] away [lit.. they lowered, and the man was rescued]. Samuel thereupon applied to Rab the Scriptural text, “No harm befalls the righteous, But the wicked have their fill of misfortune.”(Proverbs 12:21) [Rab was spared the injustice of placing the innocent R. Shila under the ban]. While Rab applied to Samuel the following text: “For want of strategy an army falls, But victory comes with much planning”(Ib.11:14). [The counsel of Samuel saved Rab from a wrong action.]”
    There is a difference שמים לארץ as they say, difference Heaven from Earth, between a bet din angry at a ruling of another bet din, as in this case, versus the case Daatorah brings of forgery of Rabbi Sternbuch’s signature. See Rabbi Sternbuch states on his Torah pages for this week’s parsha חקת that he never signed the document dated in the month of Sivan that shows his name with his signature over his name. Wow.
    Allow me to continue on my trying to prove forgery in SCOTUS 18-9390 and NYS COA 649 7/15/2019. By mistake I made an error in my letter of 7/2/2019: a wrong date, a typo. What to do? Simple, rewrite and send a new letter with the same attached documents. Here’s \P 4:
    “I'm trying to prove in SCOTUS 18-9390 that the 1995 Rigler order of separation is a forgery. I'm trying to prove in NYS COA motion number 649 7/15/2019 that the 1995 Rigler order of separation is a forgery. The easiest and best way to prove forgery is if the forger admits to the court. I wait to see my opposition's reply. If she, her lawyer, and Judge Prus allow me my pension, I'll drop my complaining.”

  2. I heard that she got a heter from Rav Gavriel Tzinner of Nitei Gavriel fame


  3. Kalonymus AnonymusJuly 5, 2019 at 4:27 PM

    Not seen any of these posters regarding the Sabbatean rabbis who have orgies with married women, - Rabbi Berland (disciple of the Steipler) , Rabbi Sheinberg (of the north), Rabbi Shmuel Tal (disciple of Rav Shmuel Auerbach) ....
    or HaGaon Tropper, who grants conversion certificates for sex with converts.

  4. The alleged stories about Rabbi Shmuel Tal having any inappropriate physical contact with any woman, has been found to be totally untrue, by a special Beis Din. I sent the update to this blog owner, along with a copy of the BD's ruling.

  5. No. The fake "hetter" was allegedly contrived by the infamous "International Beis Din".
    Rabbi Sinner merely encouraged her, and told her that she could rely on their say so.

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