Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meir Pogrow: An former yeshiva acquaintance describes the pain of his betrayal

I am quite sad as I pen my words here for the first time.I have always followed from afar, this blog as far back as the shocking story of Rabbi Tropper's sad downfall.I was so sure that after that unfortunate incident,that all the Rabbis that want to push Yiddishkeit would make sure they were 100% accountable to the public.

But sadly enough,there has been yet more and more sad stories of people we want to trust and yet are found out to be not who they are supposed to be.

This particular story crushed me as I knew him from the yeshiva we learnt together.I did not really have too much to do with him,but I was quite aware that he was considered to be one of the smartest guys around.I heard of his success,and was quite glad of it until I came across this sad article on Sunday declaring Meir to be a Rasha.Oh,oh,oh,I said to myself as my day was ruined.I feel so hurt for the yeshiva we learnt with,for the honor of the Torah,and for most of all,the hurt he did on all these people.I was so hoping that this story was not true.But oh to my dismay,to see the Rabbis sign against him.

Oh!!!And I can only scream out to Meir,why if you have these problems with women,did you have to carry on with the attitude of that I can still be a leader for Klal Yisrael??!!!Why do people like Tropper,Freundel,and Pogrow and all others brazenly think that if they are not around,Torah will not be taught??Torah will not be forgotten.But if you guys have issues,go find some other job and seek help through the therapist. Did these people really think that Hashem would let these people make a mockery out of his Torah???Meir was brilliant in making this program that helped people learn,but if he had this undeniable problem with women,why could he have not delegated his great idea to some kosher Yid???It would have been better for him to be some business man or even a garbageman,but not to do things to hurt people in the name of his misguided Torah.

Did Meir not know all the places in the Gemara that discusses Chillul Hashem??How about all the Levi from Bnei Kehat that would lose their lives if they came too close to the Aron Hakodesh in an improper fashion???This shows us how the Torah will not let it be maintained by someone that is not fit to be there.

If somebody wants to be a leader for Klal Yisrael,he cannot have this type of double life,and I can only pray and hope that once and for all that any Yid seeking to help us will examine himself carefully, have a competent Rav,and will know how to conduct himself properly in all situations.

How in this day and age,women will go to Rabbis without their husbands or at least it should be done openly is beyond me.Where do ladies think that Rabbis are angels??And if a Rabbi is meeting a lady in a not Jewish way or is talking in a not modest way,speak up immediately!!!Why was there such silence for so long!!!

Sorry for the longevity of the post,but this issue has broken my heart,since I knew Meir from way back,and I just wish I will never have to hear of this breach of faith again.We,Jews,have too many problems,and this problem should never be here to begin with.

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