Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to get help if you are an abuse victim or want to help someone who is

Emes wrote:

RDE, I have no first hand knowledge of this matter and do not know Pogrow or any of the victims. However, while I am glad that batei din are acting to protect the victims I am troubled by two questions. (1) if he is truly such an evil person why wasn't he reported to the police? (2) How does the general public know which beis din or organization we should respect and who we should recognize as being corrupt or misguided? Is Rabbi Malinowitz more reputable than Rabbi Kaminetzky? Are organizations dealing with abuse more trustworthy than those dealing with agunot - or more accurately how do we know which one is on the up and up and which is promoting some radical non-halachic agenda?

1) reporting to the police requires that the victims or someone who has first hand knowledge do the reporting. Apparently the victims were not going to the police or they had no way of proving their claims. The police don't want to waste their time with a case which can not get a conviction. A young woman claiming she was seduced and a rabbi denying it doesn't make a good case.
2) Yes Rabbi Malinowitz is more reputable than Rabbi Kaminetsky. As to where to go there are a number of organization which can guide the victims. as to which rabbis to speak to and which policemen are helpful as well as which social agency and how to get therapy if required.
The Beis Din had recommended that victims contact Maaneh 
Maaneh - a Beit Shemesh organization run by my nephew Rabbi Shmuel Zalman Eidensohn. 
email is
phone 077 228 b5817
Hotline 077 228 5814
Website www.maaneh.orgsee my post on  Maaneh 

There are other reliable organization that deal with this issue -
Jewish Community Watch an American organization has a branch in Israel
contact Shana Aaronson for assistance Victims Services- Israel Office
Office: 02-544-4766 From the U.S.: 718-841-7056 #118
Magen also in Beit Shemesh is another reliable and competent organization run by Miriam Friedman
02.9999.678  (from Outside of Israel: +972 2 9999.678)
Amudim in New York run by Tzvi Gluck 
TEL | 646-517-0222
FAX | 646-517-0221 

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