Thursday, June 2, 2016

Clinton’s Fibs, and Her Opponents’ Double Whoppers

Your Honor, I rise this week in defense of Hillary Clinton.

I see from polls that Hillary scores very low on “trustworthy” questions. Well, let’s talk about truth in politics. All politicians shade the truth at times. Some do it more than others. Indeed, when Donald Trump tells the truth, it should be labeled “Breaking News — Trump tells truth without immediately contradicting himself. We’re going live to the scene right now.”

Here is what is relevant: Lying is serious business. But Hillary’s fibs or lack of candor are all about bad judgments she made on issues that will not impact the future of either my family or my country. Private email servers? Cattle futures? Goldman Sachs lectures? All really stupid, but my kids will not be harmed by those poor calls. Debate where she came out on Iraq and Libya, if you will, but those were considered judgment calls, and if you disagree don’t vote for her.

But while Hillary’s struggles with the whole truth on certain issues have garnered huge attention, driving up her negatives, Trump and Bernie Sanders have been getting away with some full Burger King Double Whoppers that will come crashing down on the whole country if either gets the chance to do what he says.

Trump told a biker rally in Washington on Sunday: “When you think of the great General Patton and all our generals, they are spinning in their graves when they watch we can’t beat ISIS. … We are going to knock the hell out of them.” Then, for good measure, he repeated his longstanding call to build a wall along the Mexican border, and when he asked who would pay for it, the crowd shouted in unison: “Mexico!” Trump added, “Not even a doubt.”

Really, not even a doubt? Why hasn’t President Obama been a “real man” and just carpet-bombed ISIS off the face of the earth? Answer: 1.) ISIS is embedded in urban areas, among Iraqi and Syrian civilians, so we can’t carpet-bomb the terrorists without killing all the civilians around them. 2.) If Obama sent the 82nd Airborne into Mosul and wiped out ISIS, after horrific door-to-door fighting, the morning after the battle we would own Mosul, because there is no agreement among Sunni tribes there, let alone the Kurds, Shiites and neighboring Turkey, over who should control Mosul post-ISIS. In other words, we’d be stuck governing it. So Obama is trying to squeeze ISIS with one hand while trying to squeeze Iraqis to come together around a post-ISIS order with the other. [...]

All lying in politics is not created equal. I think the ideology Bernie is selling is fanciful, but underlying it is a moral critique of modern capitalism that has merit and deserves to be heard. But Bernie is not being truthful about the costs. What is grating about Hillary is that her prevarications seem so unnecessary and often insult our intelligence. But they are not about existential issues. As for Trump, his lies are industrial size and often contradict each other. But there is no theory behind his lies, except what will advance him, which is why Trump is only scary if he wins. Otherwise, his candidacy will leave no ideas behind. It will just be a reality TV show that got canceled.

This is serious. We’re about to elect all three branches of our government. I wish we had better choices, but given the options, I’d vote for the candidate who is most likely to be a practical unifier and get some things done — and who only tells whoppers about herself, not about my country’s future.


  1. All Hillary did was seriously jeopardize national security with emailgate. This effects all of us now and possibly our children.

    'Robert Gates, President Obama’s first secretary of defense, stated “the odds are pretty high” that Clinton’s emails are in the hands of the Russians, Chinese and Iranians.'

    See article below by officer who worked at NSA for 10 years.

  2. 'If Obama sent the 82nd Airborne into Mosul and wiped out ISIS, after horrific door-to-door fighting, the morning after the battle we would own Mosul, because there is no agreement among Sunni tribes there, let alone the Kurds, Shiites and neighboring Turkey, over who should control Mosul post-ISIS. In other words, we’d be stuck governing it.'

    What a stupid argument! Let it be governed by ISIS because if we eliminate ISIS it remains up for grabs and we will have all option available, and maybe we won't be able to decide which option to choose!

  3. Kinda relevant: is published by Jared Kushner -- Trump's son-in-law!

    Believing what we read/hear is what got us this clown Trump as the nominee.

    I understand you hate Hilary. Welcome to most of the intelligent world, but don't let your distaste of her maneuver you into such gullibility.

  4. Schindler has adressed your "concerns" here.

    A few quotes from the article:
    "Hillary’s fans, who cannot rebut my commentary on EmailGate with facts, have taken to name-calling on social media, including noting that The Observer is owned by Jared Kushner, who happens to be Donald Trump’s son-in-law...
    Allow me to be perfectly clear. I write what I like for The Observer. Never — that is: not ever — have Jared or Ken asked me to write anything (or just as important, not to write anything) about Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton. Neither have they edited anything I’ve written on any issue for political effect. They wanted the Full Schindler, so they get him."

    Any facts in the article you care to rebut?

  5. Actually, realizing that one does not have the solution to every problem and resisting hot-headed calls for pointless intervention are signs of intelligence, not stupidity.

  6. Yes, realizing that one does not have the solution to every problem and resisting hot-headed calls for pointless intervention are indeed signs of intelligence. But the excuse that I quoted from the article and pointed out it's stupidity, is truly stupid and untrue.

    It is not honest discourse for you to pretend to dispute what I am saying when you are if fact not addressing my point at all.

  7. Not sacrifice your country's national security? Not really important? What about selling a third of our country's plutonium reserves to Russia! What about their foundation selling the secretary of state's influence to 30 foreign countries, none of whom care a whit about our national security and most of whom pose major threats to it! The New York Times in general, and Thomas Friedman in particular are the worst of the worst, as well as anti-Semites of the highest order, and frankly I do not feel they are appropriate to be promoted by this blog.

  8. Tom Freidman is impossible to take seriously.

  9. So in retrospect, invading Iraq was a good idea?

  10. Well, I disagree with that. The previous president got us into the biggest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam, and perhaps in American history, by invading Iraq without having any clue what we would do after deposing Hussein. That is what led to the rise of ISIS in the first place.

  11. This whole business about jeopardizing national security is overblown. We hear the words Top Secret and think it is our nuclear battle plans. Did you know that there are literally over 5 million Americans with top secret clearance?

  12. That's your rejoinder? His preemption that "No one made me write this"? OMG you can't be serious.
    Anyway there are no facts to rebut, because it's editorial, not substantive journalism. He doesn't report facts so much as quote other people upbraiding her and then offering his perspective as an "expert" to assure us that it's all-so-very-serious-and-terrible. Funny that no mainstream press offers him a platform to share his view. Now why would that be?

    Well, it doesn't help that he's basically a Trump-clown himself. Witness some true colors come to light:

    When Jason Fritz, senior editor of War on the Rocks — a foreign-policy and national-security website — recently accused intelligence analysts such as Schindler of being “political beasts with their own agendas,” Schindler’s response was [to slam] Fritz as a “loser, [a] poseur, [and a] fake,” who should, “Call me when you finally get that PhD, fuckwad.”

    There's your "expert" at it again! Just level-headed fact-based assessment, right?

    Don't be so taken in. Where there's yelling, there's usually an agenda. Start yelling yourself, and in no time some Trump-clown comes out ahead.

  13. The article you linked to in no way states or implies that Schindler is not an expert in national security or that his opinions are not to be taken seriously. The article states he was correct about Snowden.

    I understand your having some skepticism based on the source. I have the same skepticism when I read the NYT and WP. However, if I have nothing to refute what the article states, I keep quiet.
    What specifically in the article do you take issue with?
    Do you deny that she posted classified info on her private server?
    Do you deny that Romanian hacker Guccifer pleaded guilty to hacking into Hillary’s server.?

    Do you deny that Robert Gates, President Obama’s first secretary of defense, stated “the odds are pretty high” that Clinton’s emails are in the hands of the Russians, Chinese and Iranians?

  14. The rebuttal is that A: She did not post classified info to her server, she posted info that would later be categorized as classified; and B: "Classified" is a meaningless term anyway. As I noted above, over 5 million Americans are authorized to view "top-secret" information, so any of that stuff is probably in the hands of whoever wants it anyway.
    I agree that using a private server was a mistake in judgment, but it is several orders of magnitude less worrisome than whatever comes out of Trump's mouth on any given day of the week.

  15. I like my Trump Whoppers. Onions please, hold the ketchup.

    Trump out-whops his opponents! ("munch munch") It's great fun. Mr. Trumps knows exactly what he's saying and doing. He's being a political animal in the political arena.

  16. What will this political animal be like as president? I don't want deny anyone his fun but when he has finger on the nuclear trigger - will he push it because he thinks big bangs are fun?

  17. I disagree with you about this, but thanks for addressing my point.

  18. Ah, but you've got jb's pesky "facts" from an "expert" still there, Yehoshua. What to do...?!!!

    That's sarcasm, btw. As you said: so overblown. I still can't believe intelligent people take all this noise seriously. Has been a big rhetorical lesson for me generally, as has Trump's success thus far been a lesson undercutting the credibility of all so-called punditry. The bottom line is that minds that care are vulnerable to being spun and become perfect prey for the likes of Trump & jb's "expert"-du-jour, Schindler.

    On that last score, btw, jb: I've known plenty of folks who've worked a decade in prestigious places. Doesn't necessarily make the person an expert, as they will often be apt to admit. Are you an expert in the company you work for? Most are definitely not; in fact, most have little notion what really goes on behind their little workspace. Is a 10-yr veteran of Goldman Sachs necessarily an expert in finance? They probably have developed a few relationships with real experts here'n'there, but I think you'll find both that most who work in fields are no experts at all and as well that those who are experts are far more reluctant to offer definitive pronouncements than have been here by the "pundits."

    Heaven help us from all the fear-mongering, hate-mongering, & fog of demagoguery being blown every which way.

  19. You are apparetly incapable of discussion on issues. l will not be reponding to your anymore.

  20. From National Revew, an anti-trump org:
    "Clinton’s server held at least 22 e-mails that are too Top Secret to be made public, even if redacted. Moreover, the Washington Post reports that Clinton’s server contained 104 dispatches in which “officials have determined that material Clinton herself wrote in the body of email messages is classified.”

  21. This just in:
    Hillary Clinton posted and shared the names of concealed U.S. intelligence officials on her unprotected email system.

    Federal records reveal that Clinton swapped these highly classified names on an email account that was vulnerable to attack and was breached repeatedly by Russia-linked hacker attempts. These new revelations — reminiscent of the Valerie Plame scandal during George W. Bush’s tenure — could give FBI investigators the evidence they need to make a case that Clinton violated the Espionage Act by mishandling national defense information through “gross negligence.”

  22. We have a Safek and a Vadai. If Ms. Climton wins, it's almost a given that she will appoint Mr. Clinton to finish his peace process business.

    The peace process turned buses in Eretz Yisroel into mobile crematoria.

    Mr. Trump's rhetoric is a super-sizing of Teddy Roosevelt's "Big Stick Diplomacy". Nothing so outré.

    Yaakov prayed: "Save me from Esauv, my brother."

    Sometimes Esauv comes across as Esauv, and sometimes he projects himself as a brother. The latter is more dangerous than the former. I'll vote for Mr. Trump over Ms. Clinton & Co. She apparently "owes" many people, and these people are nations that have enmity towards Jews and who may call in their "chits" if Ms. Clinton is elected.


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