Monday, June 27, 2016

Oh Boy: Was A National Security Position Given As Payback To A Clinton Foundation Donor?

Townhall   This is a very strange article since it is based on reporting done  by the "leftwing newsmedia" ABC which several commentators have stated have ignored anything negative about Hillary.
It seems as if anything is up for sale if you give enough money to the Clinton Foundation, even positions on a national security intelligence board that has access to top-secret information. Meet Rajiv K. Fernando, a big donor to Clinton, Democrats, and the family foundation, was given a spot on the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board in 2011, even though he had zero experience in the field. He has since resigned from the board after ABC News launched an inquiry into his appointment. The first thing that they asked for from the State Department was his resume. Emails obtained by Citizens United after a 2-year Freedom of Information Act battle with the State Department showed that Clinton’s staffers were instructed to “stall” and “protect the name” of Mrs. Clinton from the news organization’s review of this appointment. One member told ABC, “We had no idea who he was.”

ABC News’ Brian Ross was threatened with arrest for merely asking Fernando about his appointment during the 2012 Democratic National Convention. He added that Clinton promised Foundation donors would not be given special treatment during her confirmation hearings to become secretary of state (via ABC News) [...]


  1. Was this story on the front page of any mainstream newspaper?
    Was this a lead story on any news show?
    How many articles, in total, were written about this?
    If Trump, or any republican, had done anything comparable to this it would grace the front page of just a bout every major newspaper. It would the lead story on most news shows. It would not be pushed aside.

    Townhall is a small conservative news site/blog.

  2. I actually heard about this a couple weeks ago.

    The ABC part is five years old. Hillary has arranged for the state department ('bama) to deep six this case for five years, now releaseing the info so its old news by labor day, the start of the election cycle.

    He's now a super delegate, getting $1.5 million for the campaign, besides PACs that don't have to report, and besides the clinton foundation.


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