Friday, February 20, 2015

Why does a divorce require the husband to give a Get and the wife to receive it?


  1. Well-written and worthwhile.

    ORA, BDA and the other feminists who are attempting to hide their enamoration of the current Western zeitgeist under the veneer of Torah values - should add a Kesubah requirement for the woman in their pre-nuptials. Just as when a man seeks to unjustifiably destroy his marriage, he must pay a Kesubah - so too, should a woman have to pay an equal Kesubah. In fact, we should probably make her pay more, when you consider the damage she causes him with litigation and child support.

    90% of the time English women received either equal distribution of assets (30%) or received a considerably better "settlement" than their husband (60%). This is according to the 2004 Grant Thornton survey in the UK. In only 10% of cases did men achieve better settlements.

    However, the majority of divorces were initiated by the women!

    Please check out these numbers:

    80% of divorces in Western society initiated by women.\

    93% of divorce cases were petitioned by women

    Wikipedia - 70% of Englands divorces initiated by women.\

    68.9% of divorces in Western society initiated by women

    No wonder more than half of Western society is not married. Their recipe for sustaining a happy marriage is disastrous. A bit of pressure is always highly desirable.

    If you buy a car, an inanimate object, and all-of-a-sudden decide you would like a different car, you will sustain a loss. How much more so would Natural science require us to do the same in interpersonal relationships such as marriage and children.

  2. R' Doniel shlita, I wasn't able to open this scribd document on my phone. I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem. ..

  3. this is cute, but other than being the author's opinion (or rather conjecture) it really doesn't get past the level of being an apologetic.

  4. Not so fast Ben...
    Its true that a source has not been presented that "spells out" the connection and explains why the Get system when done correctly is not lopsided and unfair ...
    It does, on the otherhand, attemp to enter into the mindset of couples and prospective couples at a time that the Kesubah WAS taken siriously...

    Additionally, the Gemarah does discuss at length the reverse "Aguna crisis"!! See Yevamos (63b) אשה רעה וכתובתה מרובה... one that is married to an abusive wife, but can't afford the kesubah, and thus locked in a bad marriage...

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  6. right, an attempt. however like all attempts of this sort, it is more of a reflection as to the author's mindset than of the mindset of the people being described.

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