Friday, February 13, 2015

More results from the Waks family's courage: Rabbi Abraham Glick resigned from Yeshivah College

The Age  The former principal of Yeshivah College from the period that sex offenders David Cyprys and David Kramer were abusing students has resigned as a teacher at the school.

Rabbi Abraham Glick was the principal of Melbourne's Yeshivah College between 1986 and 2007.

Asked at the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Abuse on Thursday whether he thought resigning from any remaining positions at the Yeshivah Centre and Yeshivah College "would assist the victims to move on from the wrongs of the past", he announced that, after much "soul searching", he had decided to resign as a teacher.

"I resigned because I felt that [will help meet the] needs of the victims that would want me to resign.

"In the interim... I will resign from any positions that I hold in the Yeshivah College. I [have] resigned from any association with the school because that's where the abuse took place and it was under my leadership. I haven't taken this lightly."

The rabbi, who is still a member of Yeshivah Centre's spiritual leadership, Vaad Ruchni, said he would also review his position there in light of the royal commission's findings.

He is the second person to resign since the commission began its hearing last week on Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Sydney's responses to child sexual abuse. Senior Sydney Rabbi Yosef Feldman resigned as a director of Yeshiva's board of management after his testimony on Wednesday.

On Thursday Rabbi Glick also denied victims' claims that he knew they had been sexually abused by Cyprys years before he, Cyprys, had been convicted of his crimes. Rabbi Glick said he only learned of this close to Cyprys' conviction in 2011. Cyprys is serving a five-year, six-month sentence for indecent assault charges against children from when he was involved in Yeshivah Centre's sporting, educational, religious and youth programs. [...]
Rabbi Glick apologised to victims, saying he felt "sickened" that they had been abused under his watch.

"I see that many mistakes were made. We should've been more vigilant. We should've responded better. I think that from 2007 we started that process. And today things are very different."

Under cross-examination by AVR's lawyer, Dr Kristine Hanscombe, QC, he conceded he had never before personally apologised to victims or offered them any help. [....]


  1. Oy...if only the Meisles seminary teachers would learn a lesson from this...

  2. Just to clarify. Rabbi Glick has resigned from a teaching role at Yeshiva College, but he made very clear that he was remaining as the Head of the "Va'ad Ruchni" for the Yeshiva Community.

  3. What kind of a teacher and educator can Yosef Feldman be? He admits to not knowing
    it is illegal for a man to touch and fondle a child’s genitalia and in middle
    age relies on his father for guidance? He holds children's lives and education in his hands????

  4. Welcome back, Ms. MB! Glad to see you here.

    What is the lesson you would like teachers who used to, once-upon-a-time, be employed by Meisels learn?

    [I'm happy to see you here. What brings you back here, though? Do you feel that you may have misspoken in the past? Please explain. Thank you.]


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