Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Men suffering from Israel's harsh divorce laws vent rage at the Head of Knesset's Women's Advancement Committee.

Arutz 7 Men suffering from Israel's harsh divorce laws – and women who support those laws – crashed a town hall meeting Monday with three female MKs, and demanded their rights.

The meeting, held at Elkana, in Samaria, was attended by MKs Gila Gamliel (Likud), Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) and Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid). Most of the protesters' rage was directed at Lavie, who heads the Knesset's Committee for Advancement of Status of Women and Gender Equality.

When Lavie began speaking, papers were thrown at her from the audience. She left the meeting after delivering a short statement.

The fathers – some of whom do not see their children at all, suffer from false criminal complaints filed against them by their ex-wives, and from jail sentences over child support debts they failed to pay – see Lavie as a hostile figure, and their strong feelings were apparent.

MK Gamliel explained that she supports the abolition of the so called Tender Years Clause, which originally related to small children but now gives mothers automatic custody of children of all ages in divorce. She called the law “archaic.” [...]


  1. Watched the video. Throwing trash at someone to prove a point? You've got to be kidding me.

    Those men are uncivilized. With that being said, if any were wrongly accused of anything and had their children taken away as a result, that is very wrong. Indeed, this issue of false accusations against husbands/fathers needs to be addressed, but unfortunely this blog is simply filled with the same few misogynists who care to do nothing more than hide behind a computer screen and bash women. For any man trying to actually solve this problem peacefully and proactively, good for them. The men at this event are def not some of them.

  2. It is very wrong to level false accusations. But on the other hand, not every accusation of which the accused says it is false is indeed false. In fact, jail is fulll of people who claim to be innocent. And even accusations that are not proven can either be wrong or right, there is a vast grey area.

  3. NotBuyingTheBsAnymoreFebruary 25, 2015 at 8:59 PM

    Men are learning, albeit slowly.

    Feminism inadvertently freed men from their traditional male roles. Now, men aren't forced to provide for and protect women. As more and more women enter the military - fewer and fewer men's lives will have to be sacrificed for women's rights. Women cast off their traditional roles and now men have done the same. Hope no one's surprised.

    Marriage for men has always been slavery. Marriage is nothing more than a gynocentric trap in which men are destroyed. Society shamed men into providing for and protecting women and "her" children. In days past, a man that didn't have a wife had difficulty finding employment and one that didn't provide for a woman's children was deemed defective. Men were also sent to war to fight and die for their rights - rights that were given to women without any cost. Men that didn't go to war were branded cowards - by both men and women. These things are still somewhat true today, but more and more, men are standing up to this misandry and male disposability. Marriage, for all intensive purposes, has always been about the exchange of sex by women for provision and protection by men. To a large extent, society still enforces these roles.

    In the past 40+ years, in the US alone, tens upon tens of millions of men have been destroyed through marriage. As a result, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of those men have committed suicide. This is the real reason for the decline in marriage. All across the globe, men are waking up and opting out.

    Because of the above, we are moving toward a more equal society in which one gender isn't forced to sacrifice themselves for the other. To continue this trend, white knights and chivalrous men must be removed from the male ranks. These are the men that will gladly throw other men under the bus to gain favor with the gynocracy. White knights and chivilrous men pander to the gynocracy and look down on men that stand up for themselves. These men are relics of dark days past (for men) and need to be called out and removed from any gender equalized society.

  4. "men are waking up and opting out" - True. But is opting out the correct solution? If men opt out, can a matriarchal civilization controlled by women survive and prosper? I think not.

    Men created civilizations and men are absolutely necessary for the survival of civilizations. Shouldn't men try to save civilization before the feminists destroy it?

  5. NotBuyingTheBsAnymoreFebruary 26, 2015 at 6:24 AM

    "Shouldn't men try to save civilization before the feminists destroy it?"

    No, they shouldn't. Women and their naive white knights now rule. You can't win. Women have been given too much power. Their white knights will not lot ordinary men alter the status quo. Why? How else are they going to get re-elected and stay in power? By throwing most other men under the bus. Any man that defies the gynocracy will be destroyed. The only thing the majority of men need to do is protect themselves from destruction.

    "If men opt out, can a matriarchal civilization controlled by women survive and prosper? I think not."

    You're exactly right. Matriarchal societies are doomed to fall. Let them fall. Why? Google 'cycle of nations'. Everything has a birth and death, including nations. Those men that try to stop the mess will be destroyed by white knights and feminists. In other words, any attempts to stop the current trends will result in your own destruction. If you're paying attention, then you've already seen powerful men attacked and/or taken down for not complying with the gynocracy and the naive white knight lap dogs that protect them. If you give them enough rope, they'll hang themselves. Just be patient.

    All most men need do is sit back, enjoy and watch Rome implode. Save your money and have a good exit plan.

  6. It's easy to bash other people for being emotional and having a hard
    time holding back while their lives are being destroyed, they are being
    provoked and not even give a chance to be heard as they express their

    Most of them are actually behaving quite reasonably, the others could do much worse as well, considering their unbearable pain.

    Are so unfeeling of men that you run so quickly to condemn?

  7. That I run so quickly to condemn? Why don't u go back to my comment and re-read it. I make it clear how my hearts go out to men in situations where they are falsely accused and their children are taken away.

  8. But you condemned those men for not being angels in the face of their torment.

  9. @Eddie - please provide sources for your statements. I am not aware of anyone saying such statements. While Judaism does not say its leaders are not human - that does not mean "they often rejoice"

    Regarding your so called Medrash see the following

    bottom line Eddie - our great people definitely are human and fallible - but they also are superior examples of human beings. My objection is your rejoice in finding faults and show that they are fallible. I cited the Seridei Aish in terms of the problem attitude towards infallibility and fallibility - you definitely are not going in his way.

    Please cite rabbis that are constantly citing errors and imperfections of rabbis. Your latest description of what Rav Hutner supposedly said - clearly missed the mark in conveying what Rav Hutner was trying to say. It came across as a serious put down - and one which you were pleased to have discovered.

    The only source that is vaguely similar to what you were apparently trying to say is Rav Hirsch. But his explanations are much more balanced than yours and he would never have said what you have said repeatedly

  10. you make many valid points, although this is in the wrong post. i will try to respond in the correct section, and also make a public apology and ask for mechila.

  11. Our old attenion-seeking friend "Truthseeker" is back on the blog to complain about the blog. Why does she visit the blog if she dislikes the blog? Can it have something to do with her desperate need for attention?

  12. Indeed I did. Because it is child-like and disgusting to ever stoop to a stage where you throw garbage at someone.

  13. May Hashem help you never to suffer such trials and tribulations and to *always* keep up to the standards you demand and expect from others.

  14. NotBuyingTheBsAnymore,

    I agree with a lot of your points. Yes, a corrupt, unjust feminist system, both in non-Jewish family law systems , in the State of Israel, and in various Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish communities, is being enabled by pandering, hypocritical, white knight males.

    But there are also some flaws in your arguments. I don't know if you're Jewish, but Biblical Jewish law demands "Do not stand idly by your brother's blood".

    Jews are required to rescue the oppressed from the oppressors, in this case the oppressors being radical feminists who dominate the State of Israel and other Westernized countries.

    Should we just sit back and enjoy the ride while masses of men and their families are being destroyed by cruel feminists and their grossly unjust misandrist divorce laws?

  15. Recipients and PublicityMarch 3, 2015 at 5:12 PM

    Will they change the law?


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