Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Chabad Rabbi - Daniel Walker - writes letter of support for Beth

update Friday 19th Another Chabad Rabbi - Bentzi Sudak - the CEO of Chabad in the UK:- wrote a letter of support   click link to see Rabbi Sudak's letter.



  1. It is positive that there is so much (and growing) public support from Chabad, in addition to the wider community, for Beth and the Schlesinger Twins. How much more does Biderman want to isolate himself in Jewish circles and even Chabad circles? How much longer can Chabad tolerate this corrupt shliach in their ranks before the inevitable axe falls? Why delay what everyone knows is going to happen?

    We are seeing first-hand how politics is given more importance than children's lives. It is very sad that these people have been entrusted with positions of authority and leadership.

  2. fedupwithcorruptrabbisFebruary 20, 2015 at 3:53 AM

    Who cares what a Chabad rabbi says? You make it sound like they are a halachic opinion that one needs to reckon with?

  3. Why did this post bother you so much that you needed to comment? If you don't care what he says, why did you even read this post?

  4. These Rabbis have done the commendable thing by posting these open letters. They must know that Biderman is wrong. In the light of what has happened in Australia, they have their reputation to think about and repair, which won't be easy.

    These letters are a start, but not enough. What do these Rabbis intend to do next?
    As outrage at Chabad persists, time is of the essence!

  5. Rabbi Sudak's letter is not visible here, only his photo!


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