Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Kaufman issued a Second Siruv and Hasroah Cherem - by Beis Din Givas Hamorah

Guest post: 

The Rabbinical Court of Givas Hamorah issued a second Siruv to Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Kaufman since he did not respond satisfactorily to the First.

Givas Hamorah - a Bais din Located in Bensenhurst Brooklyn NY  - issued a Siruv against Rabbi Kaufman for causing broken homes and damaging young families  through his Bais Horoah Inc.  10 Maple Terrace Monsey NY

For more information See the attached Siruv


  1. They should also make a seruv on r bamberger from monsey, he destroyed yiddeshe families as well

  2. Regarding Beis Din Givas Hamorah:

  3. Yes There were complaints against Givas Hamorah from other existing Batei Din , The fact is that even the Eidah Charedis when it was established BY RAV SOONENFELD ZL Only gave it a din of Zablu and no money charged .

    Nothing more!
    Givas Hamorah are a Zablu bais din like any other and all one has to do when receiving a hazmonah is to agree to go a different bais din that doesn't take money for hearing the din torah .not difficult

    Each side picks out a Dayan and then both dayanim settle on a third Dayan The only condition Givas makes is that these new dayanim do not take any money at all! a true din torah al pi torah

    All the Batei Din that are complaining about them DO TAKE money! LOTS OF MONEY!!!!!$..... Ahem Schar Bitailah....

    $1500 dollars per hour to hear the case is cheap! ah Shondah

    Givas= free !
    If rabbi Kaufman would submit a signed agreement to actually go and follow the psak of any kosher bais din they would instantly remove the Siruv

    His WRITTEN response was that he agrees to go to a baisdin in monsey , This is not sufficient he must actually sign an agreement a Boriros document binding himself to that bais din and really being bound to follow their psak .
    This he refuses to do, Hence the new siruv.

  4. There are many many complaints against rabbi koufmans bais horah in monsey just do a Google search and see for yourself !


    One of several seforim authored by the Head of Givas Hamorah Bais Din !

  6. I don't care if the is complaints about Givas H. the main thing is to remove koufman joke from monsey he is a good friend of Epstein Mendel and worked closely with him on several cases in the past
    I still remember when he would come racing down to the Kollel in a Huff and Puff Quick I need two yungalait for a bais din get.. Good riddance!
    He is vengeful fearless and heartless and cruel and must be run out of town
    Kudos to Givas hamorah for taking him on may they succeed 100 percent.!

  7. Any one please look up the Commentary "Kli Yakar" in Mishpotim ...He has a five page spread on what means a bais din ?
    Lo taaleh bimaalos al mizbichi ... !Humbleness! is the main quality of a Dayan , Miseenoos ! ..lengthy deliberations .!.. SEE the whole beautiful commentary on what is a Bais Din and how a bais din s required o act.

  8. KosherbeisdinsupporterFebruary 26, 2015 at 1:53 AM

    They are a valid three Dayyanim who hear cases daily and are very serious about din torah
    They don't accept any MONEY at all from the parties UNLIKE OUR regular batei Din which require a small fortune just to hear the case \Like 500 Dollars per Dayan 
    There is no HETER for a Dayan to get paid 
    only schar bitaila which would be 10 dollars an hour!!1
    How can you expect to receive justice from such a Bais din?\rav Shiya Glick author seforim on Yerushalmi among other thing and is a talmid chochom please don't belittle his Siruv I would much more fear a siruv from his valid bais din than a siruv from our corrupt batei din .
    Amazingly jewish people and especially who call themself a rabbis do violate jewish law by recognizing a arcaos and condemned a kosher beis din who provide there services according to Jewish Law and for FREE.

  9. Why Don't they put R Bamberger in cherem also for doing the same? ?

  10. This SIRUV is a warning for cherem a Cherem is no joke !!!
    It would behoove him to contact the very valid BY age old TORAH Standards Beth Din Warning of Pending Cherem !
    A cherem is nothing to sneeze at
    Any one who is familiar with Jewish history Knows that true recipients of a valid cherem fared very very bad and at times became unwell or worse! do the research !
    Rabbi kaufmans close friends ought to compel him to contact this kosher bais dim with Humbleness and contrition and maybeif they pelt him with ripe Tomatoes and Raw eggs! so they arouse him of his folly..



  13. This:

    and this

  14. fedupwithcorruptrabbisFebruary 27, 2015 at 4:29 AM

    apparently what Mr Kaufman is doing is the same as other corrupt dayanim do. They feel that they are above the law and dont have to respond to summonses. But if a man doesnt respond to his summonses, he will immediately order a seiruv from his Bais Din.

  15. People are talking all over Monsey ......

    This a good thing..... finally A Large Floodlight on Kaufman ...and How?? he comes to his so called Psakim..... ??????

    One thing these things these hate is exposure in the light !!!!they scurry away!!!
    Hopefully good Riddance !
    At the very least Now the word is getting out BH and at least prevent new innocents falling into his TRAP!!

  16. yes also this ksubois and several other mesechtos

  17. similar related matter ,

  18. Is this working with Epstien ?

  19. The entire Monsey community knows that you _______.
    People that were close to you and your family will be harassing you, will be threatening you.
    Child Protective Services has been called in.
    If you don't do as I say, you will lose this wife forever and I strongly suspect that you will lose your kids.
    You will not be able to show your faces in town or worse.
    Your business will dry up.
    Your parents and siblings will hear and soon be shamed.


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