Sunday, February 8, 2015

Uziel Frankel - Rivky Stein's mentor - use of beis din to obtain house

I received the following document from Yoel Weiss regarding Uziel Frankel - Rivky Stein's mentor - problematic use of a beis din to obtain a house.

This allegations was referred to in the recent Weiss document to dismiss Rivky's charges.
"Mr. Frankel is very familiar with filing frivolous RICO complaints. He has done it unsuccessfully before in previous attempts to intimidate, threaten and harass innocent people. He even stole an innocent person's home and he was convicted when he was sued for that in State RICO complaint. (See Exhibit 4 attached.)"



  1. shes a very pretty girl. How can I get ahold on her?

  2. Your information contains misleading, false and libelous information, check your sources.

    "and he was convicted when he was sued for that in State RICO complaint"

  3. @Anon - the line you object to in the post is one found in the filing of Baruch Weiss that was accepted for consideration by Judge Cogan.

    I accurately noted that it was an "allegation" made in the Weiss motion for dismissal.. You can verify that by you looking at the Weiss document which I had posted previously.[link added to post]

    I assume you are fully aware that the judge accepted the motion for consideration and did not reject the motion because it "contains misleading, false and libelous information"

    Since you take the side of Uziel Frankel I offer you or Uziel Frankel the opportunity to write a guest post explaining his side of the story. In particular please present citations from the court documents which support your contention that it "misleading false and libelous"

    Very serious charges are being made by all parties to this dispute and obviously some of the charges must be false. Your input might help clarify the matter.

  4. fedupwithcorruptrabbisFebruary 9, 2015 at 4:12 PM

    UzielFrankel used to recommend a goy by the name of John Middleton to help men in their divorce battles. Turns out that this John Middleton is the one that orchestrated Mendel Blum's kidnapping in Crown Heights several years ago. Did Uziel and John Middleton work together to kidnap men?


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