Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dozens arrested as Haredi protest arrest of yeshiva students who refused to enlist


Dozens were arrested Monday morning when hundreds of Haredi men protested across Israel, blocking roads in protest against the arrest of yeshiva students who had been classed as deserters after deliberately missing their IDF enlistment.

Demonstrations were held in Jerusalem, Ashdod, Hadera, on the outskirts of Bnei Brak, at the entrance to the religious community of El'ad and at Shiloh junction. [...]

The demonstration in the capital was attended by the Jerusalem branch, an extremist Lithuanian Haredi group, who held up signs reading, "Going to recruitment offices is entering enemy territory". A text message was sent to thousands of yeshiva students Monday morning saying, "those who have not yet been arrested must continue protesting – we cannot remain silent about the arrest of the yeshiva members".


  1. Smart move.

    Bet they created LOTS of good will and sympathy from the public they were inconveniencing -- the public that was on their way to, or on their way back from, working for a living and who are expected to support this chevreh.

    Nice thinking.

  2. As long as the Israeli government recognized the special status of Yeshiva students they went to war and succeeded. This time, the Gaza War was a major change in that, and it is because the government did away with the status of the Yeshiva and no longer had the protection of Torah afforded by its respect for Torah. Ben Gurion insisted on Yeshiva students doing something to help protect the country, but when he saw Reb Isser Meltser crying, he gave in. The Chazon Ish heard this and said that Ben Gurion would have a long life for honoring the status of Yeshiva and Torah (despite the terrible things he did with the religious immigrants, etc.) The Gaza War was not just a military problem. It resulted in many in the world backing the terrorists and hating Israelis. This is what happens when you do away with the one protection, the Torah, that honoring Yeshivas afforded.

  3. So how do you explain the terrible things that happened to Israel in 1973? Or the loss in Lebanon in 2006? All those happened before anyone suggested Chareidim carry their weight in society.

  4. Ha! Of course they don't want to go to the army. Someone has to show up at Ponevezh to make sure only the right person leads maariv and to stab the guys who disagree.

  5. You claim it is about yeshiva students, but this ain't necessarily so.
    Let us look at a brief history of the yeshiva /war complex.
    R' Akiva led a futile war backing an imposter messiah called Bar Kuziba. This essentially finished the Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisroel.
    24,000 students of R' Akiva died - according to some opinions in war, but in any case due to their sins of disrespect. Is this not what has been going on in the haredi world in the last few years?

    As recently mentioned in another post - the Talmud calls the day that Shammai imposed 16 gezeirot like the day the golden calf was made. Then Beit shammai massacred the students of Beit Hillel. This was not secular matter, and nothing to do with ben Gurion types. It was a frum matter, as frum as it can get.

    In the days before and during WW2, the yeshiva leaders in Europe opposed saving lives, and opposed going to America or Israel. The "treif" Yeshiva College of Dr Belkin, which mixed secular with Kodesh had offered places to European yeshiva students, but this was rejected by the frummest of all leaders. Those leaders and students were massacred. Again, nothing to do with secular or disrespect for yeshiva.

    As for Gaza war, do you think there was no anti-semitism before 1948?
    Europe has a large Islamic population, and they have influence, votes, intermariage, conversion of other goyim , and support of the left wing communist/socialists. That is why people are anti-israel. there is also a silent majority of white Europeans who see the warning signs of Islamic fascism, and see Israel as a frontline in the battle.

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  7. I don't think it is the blog setting but rather the embedded code. Have no idea how to stop it - if you know please let me know


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