Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weiss supplement to motion to dismiss Rivky's allegations

Click to see - Initial Motion to dismiss allegations
update This is one of the letters that Rivky wrote to a friend when she was allgedly being tortured, treated as a slave etc etc. You will notice that her letter indicates that she was having a great time. This letter was submitted others to Judge Cogan in the supplement motion below.

From: Rivky Weiss> Subject: Re: Photo from Feb 5, 2011
Date: February 14, 2011at11:25:16AM EST To: .....
thanks uch i miss you soooooo much i looooooooove it here just thinking of brooklyn depresses me thaey have so many government funded things for kids like a community center: center of town yea i made one really good friend plus other friendly friends and i have myh sis n law n my kids have couzins to play with etc i loooooooooooooooove it here my condo s gorgeouse it looks like a hotel cant describe its too nice lol


  1. Mr. Frankel and Ms. Steins actions would be laughable, if not for it being so tragic, and costly. Nebach.

  2. Rivky should not be given a Get until she fully pays back all the legal costs she caused all these people to incur through her frivolous lawsuits against them while violating halacha by utilizing arkaos.

    As well as any equitable distribution, child support and/or alimony she received from arkaos. No Get until she fully reimburses all her ill-gotten gains.

  3. Is this fellow Baruch Weiss representing himself? That's how the language of this motion reads.

  4. No offense.. but that email of hers does not prove nothing at all.. She might not have wanted to let people know what she was going through. Not defending her.. just saying that it's not proof of anything.. when you are being abused you don't necessarily want to think about it all the time.. Also, how does Yoel have access to her emails? could it be that he sent this email on her behalf?

  5. I recall some of the past legal documents posted on this site indicated he is indeed representing himself due to the affordability for him to hire legal representation. Amazingly, it seems, he has been successful on most counts in court despite Stein having a law firm represent her.

  6. To answer your questions Number one enough documented proof to show that everything is fabricated number to the emails from a joint computer that we had together number three the emails were senti'm dates that I was not in Toronto Canada


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