Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rav Steinman ends bullying of Yated Ne'eman

The reign of bullying by the Hebrew Yated Ne'eman comes to an end as Rav Steinman took control by having R' Shimmy Glick buy the newspaper and fire the staff.


במשך עשרות שנים, הצליח עיתון אחד, מגזרי, להלך אימים על רבותיו, ולא רק: מישהו מכיר רב, ראש-ישיבה, או אדמו"ר מפורסם שלא חטף אי-פעם "עקיצה" מהיומון "יתד נאמן"? האם למישהו השם "יתד נאמן" משדר משהו חיובי בכלל?  
עורכי העיתון החצופים הצליחו פעם אחר פעם, בשחצנות שאין לה אח ורע בעולם החרדי, ללעוג לרבותיהם, לרבנים מפורסמים ולאדמו"רים שכל חייהם הוקדשו לפעילות חסד וקדושה ברחבי הארץ והעולם
אלה שיחקו בתוארים של רבנים, השפילו ורוממו, והכל על-פי מצב הרוח באותו הבוקר.
לפני כשבועיים, בצעד היסטורי, הצליח מרן ראש-הישיבה הגראי"ל שטיינמן להחזיר את המושכות לגדולי ישראל. ההמשך היה אמש, כפי שדווח בהרחבה ב'כיכר השבת': גורמים שונים, מההנהלה הישנה של העיתון, ניסו בכל דרך למנוע את פרסום המכתב של מרן הגר"ח קנייבסקי
נסיים בציטוט ממכתבו של הרב קנייבסקי, המתפרסם היום ב"יתד": "והנה חובה לכל לציית לכל מוצא פיו של מרן שליט"א והזהרו בגחלתן, ובזה מקיימים מ"ע ועשית ככל אשר יורוך, וכל העוזרים והמסייעים בהנהלת העיתון החדשה בראשות הר"ר שמעון גליק שליט"א יתברכו בכל טוב סלה. חיים קניבסקי"..


  1. Wasn't this the paper Rav Shach ztl started? What happened? If it was so bad, then why did people buy it. Why was it sold and from who?

  2. This kikarshabbat report is false.

    1. Us Americans need a bit more info on this issue. What is going on? Why was it sold? Who owned it originally? Who is Glick? and why would an American want ownership of the Israeli Yated? (is it a money maker or a publicity newspaper)

  3. Glick the diamond guy from Monsey?

  4. I wonder if they will end the threats and attacks or if they will merely change the direction of their guns.

  5. Recipients and PublicityJune 14, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    Of late, the "kanoyim" have become emboldened and are creeping out from under their rocks in greater numbers to manipulate and threaten both the majority of the Charedi leadership and the people who just want to be left alone to lead normal (?) lives (mainly making money and making babies), without the kanoyim injecting their constant ideological vendettas.

    Over the years the front-line of the war by kanoyim has moved from wars on bugs in vegetables, wars on the wearing of sheitlach (wigs) by frum women, wars on shaving, not to mention the wars against going to college and secular education in general, the war against the "tziyonim" now one-upped with Israeli flag burnings and trips to Iran, and of course the latest incarnation, the war against the Internet trying to fight the realities of the Information Age and the Age of technology.

    Rav Shteinman should be given credit for trying "normalize" Israel's Charedim, albeit very fractionally and incrementally so that they not remain with a life-style of beggars in the ghetto, but rather by thinking of getting various normal jobs much like Charedim in America and Europe get -- all without compromising a Torah true lifestyle. Charedim in America and Europe, work and get jobs. Among Chasidim especially many are not afraid to become truck drivers, repairmen, builders, retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, manufacturers. While among the Litvish Charedim many are still getting jobs in the professions, often with minimal college and technical training.

    1. While among the Litvish Charedim many are still getting jobs in the professions, often with minimal college and technical training.

      And many are attending college, vocational and technical training classes after a few years of marriage and using their BTL, a BA received from most yeshiva after spending a few post high school yrs learning.


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