Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another disgusting abuse case in Brooklyn

WPIX    The family of a Brooklyn man being treated for drug addiction in California traces his problems back to sexual abuse by a yeshiva teacher, when he was just 9 years old. "I do recall the rabbi being over here, trying to hush up my dad," Yosef Werner--the abuse survivor's brother--told PIX 11 Friday.

20 years ago, Daniel "Benji" Werner came home from the Yeshiva of Brooklyn one day and started confiding in his mother at their Midwood home. "He told me the rabbi was touching him," Yehudis Werner told PIX. "And I said, 'What??!!"

Benji Werner told his mother the teacher would call him up to the front of the class, take the boy behind the desk, place Benji on his lap, and then put his hands in the boy's pants and molest him.

Mrs. Werner said she called her husband, Aaron, and he started contacting other parents from Benji's class. She told PIX several parents had heard the same thing from their children. Soon after, she said the family received calls from religious leaders. "They called up my husband and said 'if you continue to call parents, we'll make your name mud.'"


  1. How does this help?June 3, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    The perpetrator needs to be fried. But why take this to WPIX? Today, there are many more options. Even to the authorities (despite some pockets of resistance) would be useful. But what benefit is there by doing this kind of publicity?

  2. This is typical behavior from these "MAFIA" Rabbis. They exist also in the GITTIN world. Remember a beard and payot may be just a disguise for some people. A true Chassid or Tzaddik shows thru with sterling character traits.

  3. Actually I think the perverted perp in this case is the famous Mondrowitz who is living comfy in Nahalaot under the patronage of the Gerrer Rebbe, and who somehow was completely overlooked in the whole Nahalaot Pedophile scandal.

  4. The perverted perp is Yehuda Nussbaum formerly of YOB. The family cannot file a criminal complaint since the victim is over 23 and is now past the SOL. Going to the media is their only way to expose this molester.


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