Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bar Ilan conference on Orthodox wife abuse

YNET אלימות במשפחה היא מכת מדינה שאינה מבחינה בין מגזרים ואוכלוסיות, אך בכל זאת, עד לאחרונה לא בוצע מעולם מחקר על שכיחות התופעה במגזר החרדי. בכך נותר הבית החרדי סגור ומסוגר, גם אם מאחורי הדלת התרחשו מחזות מסמרי שיער

YNet English   Domestic violence is a national epidemic that does not differentiate between sectors of the population, and yet, until recently no study has been conducted to examine the frequency of the phenomenon within the haredi sector.

Dr. Mally Schori-Biton, a criminologist and couples' therapist from Ariel University Center conducted a pioneer research that aimed to distinguish the phenomenon's unique characteristics within the religious and haredi sectors, while addressing a subject that was considered taboo for many years – violence against women.

The research will be presented during a conference in Bar Ilan University on June 20, which will host the top therapists in the haredi sector. 


  1. I have seen some wildlife videos, where baboons and other apes will bite their female partners to keep them in line, or submit.

    So regardless of one's views on evolution, this is an animal type of behaviour, which can also be explained as our yetzer hara.

    Incidentally, this is hardly something that is restricted to orthodoxy. However, the madness is that many of these men might not listen to women singing on the radio or at Jazz clubs, and would not shake hand with them either.

    1. I guess if they are beating them anyways, they should at least shake their hands and listen to them sing.



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