Friday, June 1, 2012

DA Hynes & Aguda on collision course

Jewish Journal   In an interview with the Forward, Hynes reportedly said that he was in “sharp disagreement” with the Agudah’s position, arguing that the rabbis “have no experience or expertise in sex abuse.” The Forward quoted Hynes as saying that he stressed his opposition in a telephone call with Zwiebel last week.

Zwiebel “still thinks they have a responsibility to screen,” Hynes said. “I disagree.”

Meanwhile, Hynes spokesman Jerry Schmetterer told The Jewish Week that Zwiebel “risks having the rabbi prosecuted for obstructing a law enforcement investigation.”

The shift puts Hynes’ office at odds with the haredi Orthodox community—a problem the Kol Tzedek program was supposed to solve.

In an interview last week with the New York Post, Hynes cited the insularity of Brooklyn’s haredi community and the need to protect sex-abuse victims from intimidation as the reason for not releasing the names of about 100 accused molesters from the community.

“Within days, people within this relentless community would identify the victims,” he told the Post. “Then the intimidation would start.


  1. This is one reason certain folks in the Agudah want the internet to be banned.
    It is on the internet that the DA's craven dealings with rabbinic leaders in Brooklyn to cover up child abuse was exposed. And since he's a public official that actually has an accountability to his public, something the Agudah doesn't have, he now has to do his job.

    1. Out from under the coversJune 1, 2012 at 11:33 PM

      Now that the exposure of all this has happened, banning the internet will no longer accomplish anything. Everyone knows that. Do you really think that Agudah is behind trying to ban the internet?


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