Friday, June 29, 2012

Mondrowitz with D.A. Hynes in hot pursuit?!

NYTimes  For years, Avrohom Mondrowitz counseled children out of his home in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. He was host of a call-in radio show popular among ultra-Orthodox Jewish listeners, claiming to be a rabbi and psychologist. But law enforcement officials say Mr. Mondrowitz, who fled to Israel in 1984 to avoid arrest, was also something else: “a compulsive pedophile.” 

The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, has repeatedly said that since taking office in 1990, he has vigorously tried to extradite Mr. Mondrowitz. Mr. Hynes has said his office was instrumental in bringing about a change in a treaty between the United States and Israel in 2007 that had thwarted early extradition efforts.  

But newly disclosed documents from Mr. Hynes’s office cast doubts on his accounts of his role in the case, suggesting that for many years, the office paid little attention to it. 

“There isn’t a single e-mail, a single letter, a single memo, either originating from the D.A.’s office or addressed to it, that so much as mentions any attempt by the D.A. to seek a change in the extradition treaty,” Mr. Lesher said. “It’s just inconceivable that such important negotiation on such a detailed issue could have taken place and not left a trace in the documentary record.”


  1. Mondrowitz was DA Elizabeth Holtzaman's (DA Hynes' predecessor's case.) If you must assign blame, blame Holtzman not Hynes.

    Hynes came into office only after Mondrowitz lived in Israel already. And the U.S. tried to extradite him, but the Israeli courts ruled the extradition treaty doesn't cover Mondrowitz. So blame Israel and Holtzman, not Hynes.

  2. Paint me surprised...

  3. Dovid is correct. The Mondrowitz case predates Hynes. This attack by Lesher is just another demonstration that those who seek to protect children do so by working with the "powers that be" to change their approach and create systems that accomplish that goal. The persistent personal attacks against Agudah, Hynes, and others have not benefitted a single Jewish child anywhere. This attack mode is paralleled by the Obama approach to health care. Yes, there is a serious crisis with health care. But Obamacare will wreck the system and the country in the worst way. Yes, Mr. Lesher, child abuse/molestation is a problem. Yes, the systems in place in the frum community were seriously flawed, risking all children. However, there has been undeniable progress, and more needs to be done. And you, dear Mr. Lesher, and your co-conspirators, cannot claim credit for any of the progress. Did you or your ilk create any of the materials or programs for prevention? Did any of you bring about the changes in how our rabbonim and yeshivos address the problem? NO! All you did was spew hatred and degradation, and all over the media. What a disgrace, and what a failure on your part to help anything.

  4. The Israeli Supremely Evil Court refused to extradite the animal.


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