Saturday, March 3, 2012

Israeli court issues unprecedented enslavement conviction

The Jerusalem District Court issued an unprecedented ruling this week, convicting a couple for the Shufat neighborhood of the enslavement of their Filipina maid.

Wednesday's ruling was the first time a court in Israel defined such wrongful imprisonment as enslavement.

The court found that Ibrahim and Basma Julani held Mary Ann Paoig in their home for over 18 months and denied her the right to leave the premises or contact anyone by phone. 

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  1. I wish the report mention that Shufat is a Palestinian Neighborhood.

    A bigger issue is:

    The Filipinas who come to work in Israel come as elderly care, one of them said to me: "You guys cannot take care of your own parents and you bring us from across the world to do it"

    It made me think how we lost the Fifth commandment. Then I learned that in the Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam they do not have the concept of nursing home and they take care of their parents through life.


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