Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Campaign to get Epstein a 'get' heats up

Rabbi Chaim Herzel Kranz confirmed that Friedman had prayed there "for a few days," but he noted there is "a condemnation on him not ostracism. He has the right to come to synagogue. You do not block that."

He urged everyone to think about the couple's young child and work for a solution rather than cementing further polarization.

"It's very tenuous. There is no trust and a lot of anger" on both sides, he said.

"People have feelings. You've got to deal with people's feelings. You try 100 times. It doesn't work. You try 101.

You don't look for who is a winner, who is a loser," Kranz said, adding he is striving to "handle it."

Also hoping to come up with an amicable way for Epstein to obtain a get is Rabbi David Eidensohn of Monsey, N.Y. He, along with Rabbi Kranz, stressed that a coerced get is not valid

"If you force a divorce, the wife remains married. You have to be very careful," Kranz said. And Eidensohn agreed, explaining he called Friedman and advised him not to give a coerced get.


  1. "If you force a divorce, the wife remains married. You have to be very careful," Kranz said.
    False statement and K'fira!
    The Gemara clearly says that a Bais Din can force a get. It says that they can beat him till he says from the pain "I want too", then you give it and its a good get.
    Over here we have a bais din of Gedolei Ailom who told her to do anything to get her a Get. Think about that for a minute. YOU might beloved the halacha is different, but you might also be in the Geder of a Zakain Mamrei !!

  2. avf - please think before you blow off steam. Please read Rav Gartner's article as well as the others that I linked to. it is obvious that everyone is aware of the possiblity of forcing a get - the whole question is it legitimate in this particular case. As has been repeated stated - if this case does not qualify for a forced get then it is invalid and there is the clear problem of mamzerus.

    This is not a question of whether to respect gedolim but rather which gedolim when they strongly disagree.

    There are a number of other critical issues. The point is that halacha is not to be determined by organizations which clearly have agenda's - even if they are sincere - when they are not clearly guided by halachic considerations.

    Zakein mamre applies to a member of the Sanhedrin who refuses to accept the view of the majority after debating the issues. This blog is not the Sanhedrin nor are its members candidates for zakein mamre status. Accepting an alternative view of other gedolim does not make you a zakein mamre or even a kofer. I have the sources revolving around the psak of the Get Poshut in my 2nd edition of Daas Torah if you are interested in learning more.

  3. To the host. In general you are correct as to there being an argument between poskim as to when bais din can order a man to give a get,with great poskim like rav elyashiv, rav menashe klein, rav gestetner, holding that unless you fall in the few extreme cases as mentioned in shulchan oruch, the answer is never.

    however i will be blunt now. i deplore your political correctness. the reason why epstein could get a purported siruv is because she went to the same biryonim who have destroyed the botei din in america. as previously recorded on your sight, the gedolim have already told messers belsky, wohlmark, ralbad, shmuel furst, peretz stein berg etc to stay away form gittin. they are ofor vo'eyfer. the y are k'man de'esai.

    here are the mekoros again.

    here are some facts about the allegedly impressive list of thugs on friedman's fake siruv. belsky on wohlmark i think issur and corruption of ZABLA bizman hazeh on belsky being mattir an eishes ish ralbag

  4. well he said He urged everyone to think about the couple's young child and work for a solution rather than cementing further polarization.but some case this reach to level divorce if you need get more information then link here גירושין

  5. The Yaskil Avdei actually brings two cases similar to this, the first is a rather long one in Yaskil Avdei Even HaEzer 2:8 and the other is ad loc 6:17. In both cases he says that the B"D can "force" the get by requiring the husband to pay increasing amounts of support for his wife and child(ren). He states that as long as that support remains within the bounds of halakha(כפי הדין) you are not actually forcing him to give a Get because as long as he is married to her he is liable al pi halakha for her support and that of the child.

    All of this is assuming that was no abuse(of either the wife or the children) going on in the marriage. In the latter case he state ad loc 6:15 et alibi that we assur the wife to him and then can force him as in any case of a man married to a woman that assur to him.


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