Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chareidim happy to see Livni defeated

Many haredim sees Tzipi Livni as the driving force behind the wave of incitement against them. To them, last night's results were payment in kind.

A source within United Torah Judaism told Ynet that "it isn't gloating or hitting someone when they're down, it is sending a message with a lesson to every rookie politician who adopts a dialogue of hate against the haredi public – it isn't worth your while. It may make a great media slogan, but the public does not accept it, and yesterday, Kadima voters proved they don't either. 


  1. Wow!!!... Talk about seeing the world only in one color.

    See I thought it was because Livni took the idea of being in the opposition too far, the point that she was simply opposing everything that government did, even when 98% of Israelis were for the measure. That's just a stupid way to run a representative government.

  2. R'MT
    Four doctoral students — a German, a Frenchman, a Russian and a Jew — took a seminar requiring a paper about elephants. The German wrote about authority in elephant society. The Frenchman wrote about the love life of the elephant. The Russian wrote about sharing among elephants. And the Jew wrote about the elephant and the Jewish question.
    Joel Rich

  3. Not only Haredim. I think Sephardim, Traditional Jews, Dati leumi Jews, and working class of all backgrounds. Quite a long list of alienated people.

  4. Recipients and PublicityMarch 30, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    Even when Charedim have nothing to do with it, YNet can't resist focusing on them as "gloating" over Livni's defeat, when they have nothing to do with her or with Kadima which was the new party Arik Sharon formed as a left wing break-away from the Likud (originally founded by Sharon as well) together with Shimon Peres who was a right wing breakaway fro Labor. After that labor split again when Ehud Barak took the rest of the right wing of Labor and broke away to form the new Independence (Atzmaut) party. So really, this is all about how the professional Israeli secular politicians broke away from each other and go through a "kaleidoscope" of contortions to try win over a shrinking vote base because the real story is that the Israeli Charedi-Dati population is growing and were it not for the divisions among each other they would constitute the largest cohesive bloc of seats in the 120 seat Knesset.

    Just as there is no real leadership within either the left or right wing secular blocs, and Netanyahu is able to "lead" by default simply by standing still and not jumping parties and is able to tilt right of center and form working relationships with the religious and Russian parties, there is no real leadership to truly unite the Charedim and Religious Zionists in Israel in order to achieve the Torah-based goals they desire, as all the religious parties do is to "tread water" while failing to agree on a common vision and set of objectives good for all of Torah Jewry.

  5. Recipients and PublicityMarch 30, 2012 at 5:12 AM

    Another view. Hakol Bidei Shomayim...and the Arabs.

    From Israel National News:

    "Feiglin: Arab Votes Elected Mofaz

    Jewish Leadership faction leader says Kadima is "a body with no soul that is wholly based on corrupt ambition" and has no future.

    By Gil Ronen

    Moshe Feiglin, who leads the Jewish Leadership faction in Likud, noted Thursday that MK Shaul Mofaz leaned heavily on votes by Arabs recruited into Kadima for his victory over Tzipi Livni in the party's primaries.

    The Arabs were recruited into the party by Mofaz's vote-getters and are not expected to vote for Kadima in the general elections.

    Feiglin noted that the press spared Mofaz the criticism it heaped on Jewish Leadership for recruiting Jewish members into Likud to vote for it in the primaries, when some of them did not intend to vote for the party. "I recruited Zionists, who are loyal to the state and serve in the IDF. But I am attacked – and he is not," he noted.

    "Mofaz won the internal election thanks to Arabs," Feiglin stated in an Arutz Sheva interview. "If he received more votes in Dir el-Assad than in Tel Aviv, that means that Mofaz received his legitimacy to head the largest party in Israel – from Arabs."

    "The Arab sector is not loyal to the state and does not serve in the army. Why is criticism not heaped on Mofaz's head, the way it was on mine?"

    Feiglin, who received about 25% of the votes in the Likud primaries that were held two months ago, said Kadima is a corrupt party with no future.

    "Kadima is a party that was born in sin. A party based on the deepest, most profound corruption. It is not a party that reached a position of leadership but rather, a leadership that created a party for itself, which is what Sharon did. It is a body with no soul that is wholly based on corrupt ambition." "


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