Friday, March 23, 2012

Fraud discovered in rabbinic ordination tests

Five men are suspected for fraud and impersonation after attempting to take a rabbinic qualification exam instead of their classmates on Wednesday. They admitted they were paid thousands of shekels by Yeshiva students to take the exam in their place, since they were not properly prepared. Following the complaint, the police suspects a larger network of fraudulent Yeshiva students is behind the scenes.

The fraud was discovered during a concentrated Halacha exam to 2,500 students. Test supervisors noticed suspected identification cards and after questioning the students they confessed to the fraud and signed affidavits declaring they were paid between 3,000-6,000 NIS for their service. One of the students said this is the second exam he is taking in place of the same Yeshiva student.[...]

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  1. "The fraud was discovered during a concentrated Halacha exam to 2,500 students.... A senior official at the Chief Rabbinate said he never encountered such phenomenon, and expressed his disappointment... "We filed a complaint with the police, to handle it with all necessary severity," said the official. "This is a criminal act, and can't be concluded with a disciplinary punishment.""

    I imagine they'll quickly be dennounced as Mosrim for reporting on them to the tziyoni mishtarah that are choshud on retzicha.


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