Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stereotyping of a hoodie caused Trayvon's death?


  1. Thank you for drawing our attention to this. What is said here is indeed scandalous. A youth should be made responsible for being shot because he was wearing a hoody? Really?

    Reminds me of this sketch about Texas we were playing as children.
    "Someone shot a man in the road. He was wearing a cowboy-hat and leather leggins"

    The Sherriff goes to the saloon, finds 5 men in a cowboy hat and leather leggings around the table. He shoots 4 of them, points to the fith one and says "HE is the murderer".

  2. Trayvon didn't die because he was wearing a hoody(at least not that alone). He died because a perfect storm of circumstances:
    1) Yes he was wearing a hoody
    2) He was tresspassing by walking through a gated community.
    3) They had an armed neighborhood watch and he had the misfortune of coming across the captain. Face it no-one joins the neighborhood watch unless they have a bit of a vigilante complex, and they don't make captain unless they are really committed to the vigilante bit.
    4) The vigilante neighborhood watch captain was also unfortunately aware of the law(i.e. Stand your ground).
    5) The neighborhood watch captain provoked a confrontation as opposed to waiting for the police.
    6) Once the confronation became violent, the watch captain was, according to someone's screwed up interpretation of the law within his rights to respond with force(though I fail to see how deadly force was justified).


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