Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lev Tahor: Haaretz's view part II

The bitter struggles triggered by Haredim from other sects joining Lev Tahor have been even more fierce than those that have occurred in secular families whose children joined the group. In fact, most of Helbrans’ real conflicts with the Haredi world began after Hasidim – including some with very distinguished family pedigrees – left their Rebbes to join the court of Helbrans, who is derisively referred to as “the kibbutznik who found religion,” and who comes from a Sephardi background to boot.

In this particular arena, the language used in the struggle is especially crude and harsh. “Shlomo Helbrans tormented and shredded the hearts of men and women, and stole good and decent children from their parents’ homes, and turned them into beggars, and lunatics, who shame their fathers and mothers, and who tell their fathers and mothers: ‘You have not seen him [Helbrans],’ and do not heed them,” says one flyer that was distributed around Monsey and in New York City. At the bottom is a hotline number one can call with complaints about Helbrans’ behavior.

A similar flyer in the Satmar community concludes with the words: ”He is the biggest scoundrel in Jewish history. Let us put an end to the darkness. This same man who was born in impurity in the kibbutz of the Zionists shall preach no more. Please help before it’s too late!” [...\

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  1. Herein lies the problem. While I might agree that whatever Satmar Hassid about Lev Tahor to the extent that there is a problem there. The root problem does not come from his Zionist upbringing but rather his Satmar indocrination.

    Satmar has to do a lot of souls searching and evaluate their ideology because of the hell that there influance has reaked on the religious community. We are particularely feeling it this generation. The chutzpa and hypocrocy of this Satmar flyer is astounding.

    Please post this.


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