Monday, March 5, 2012

Latest chumra for Parshas Zachor & Megila

"These are for the benefit of the public - it is proper to clean one's ears prior to hearing Parshos Zachor"


  1. Obviously an early Purim joke!!

    1. No, this was meant seriously.

    2. At first, I though this was a cute Purim joke. But you that it was meant seriously; if so, this is idiocy. Ear doctors constantly warn about the danger of Q Tips doing damage to the ear.
      So let's fast forward thirty years. Rebbeim in yeshivahs & shuls will state, "To clean one's ears before hearing Parshas Zachor is a well established minhag. And who are we to break it. It also involves a 'd'oraisa'; so we must act accordingly. Since this mitzvah is so great, if one does not have a Q Tip, a paper clip or pencil point will do bedieved. Of course, l'chatchilah, one should purchase Q Tips with a proper hashgacha. Special prepackaged Q Tips can be found next to the prepackaged Bedikas Chometz bags. And as for ear doctor's warnings, they are products of the science world. If we have proper 'bitachon' we don't have to be concerned about damaging an ear or hearing loss."
      This is worse than the so called minhag that one cannot fulfill teshuvah on Rosh Hashana if one does not throw bread in the water at Tashlich. (aside from the fact that one may be feeding wild fish on Yom Tov), or wearing a red bendel to ward off evil (shades of avodah zarah).

  2. Only a Litvak would come up with this ;)

  3. A few years ago I came up with my own chumra. It occurs to me that someone who ate chometz on erev Pesach might not have completely digested it by the time it got excreted which means that for the brief time before he flushed the toilet he would be able to see his chometz floating there and be in violation of bal yera'eh. So I paskened that the first bowel movement a person has after Pesach starts needs to be over an open fire so the biyur is immediately performed.

  4. This is my take

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  6. That might actually be an avera if done on shabbos, because one might accidently pull out hair growing in his ear on shabbos.

    One should ask his or her rav.

  7. Dear "Daas Torah",

    Judging from the picture, it appears to have been taken in the USA. This assessment is based on the exclusively English language notices on the bulletin board, and the Ziploc style bag (not generally available in Israel) holding the Q-tips (with fat cotton buds, not generally available in Israel).

    Since you're based in Israel, how were you able to determine that this was meant seriously?

  8. Toireh is de beste schoirahMarch 9, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    Why would you assume it is anything other than a joke?

    It is a typical yeshishe joke. Like asking someone to be moitze you with Asher Yotzar because you are not sure if you made a shiur.


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