Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chuetas of Majorca & Shavei Israel

YNet   I have no idea what this means - would appreciate any documents concerning this matter

But in July Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, the head of a religious court in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak, officially recognized the Chuetas as Jewish after years of campaigning by Shavei Israel. 

The ruling does not automatically confirm the Jewish status of every member of the community.

Chuetas who want to make a return to Judaism will still have to be vetted by a rabbinical court that will examine their family histories to determine whether they are Jewish. But the ruling makes the process easier.[....]

Unlike other descendants of Jews who were forced to convert in other parts of the world, many Chuetas can prove their Jewish lineage back hundreds of years because of the longtime refusal of Catholics in Majorca to marry them. 

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  1. "It should be noted that Rabbi Karelitz’s ruling relates to those Chuetas whose ancestors practiced strict endogamy down through the generations and did not intermarry.

    In order for their return to the Jewish people to be complete, it will be necessary for the Rabbinical Court to get to know each individual Chueta and their personal and family background"

    This would be the same for any prospective returnee.

    I have done translation of documents from Medieval Spanish including those written in Solitreo (old Sephardic script). (I do not charge to do this, I only ask for patience since I work around family and other commitments).

    Please do not hesitate to ask Rabbi Eidensohn for my contact information (after Pesah) if I can help in any way.


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