Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Restaurant limits use of waitresses for kashrus certification

A Haredi-owned Jerusalem restaurant will be restricting the working hours of waitresses in order to receive the strict mehadrin kashrut certificate. 

The veteran eatery, Heimische Essen, in Rehavia, will cease employing waitresses on Thursday nights, a favorite time for yeshiva boys to patronize the eatery. 

Waitresses at the restaurant, which serves Eastern European specialties to a variety of people, are modestly dressed, although some of them are not Orthodox.


  1. There will be a protest on Thursday.

  2. How much criticism has been directed at the Magen Tzedek by Rav Shafran and his friends because of its focus on non-food related issues and linking them to kashrus?
    Can we say: hypocrisy?

  3. Really don't understand your comment. It is acceptable to link non-food related issues to kashrus. has nothing to do with hypocrisy

  4. Rav Shafran, in his cricism of Magen Tzedek and his defence of Rubashkin has repeatedly written that kashrus has to do with food, period. Who cares if the cows were mistreated or the workers were illegal immigrants paid poverty wages? While those are not commendable practices as long as the meat was slaughtered and salted al pi halacha it's fine. Totally fine! So who do the Magen Tzedek people think they are to attach conditions like ethical treatment of animals and workers to kashrus?
    But here we have it: your restaurant is not kosher if you have waitresses. Never mind that all the food is mehadrin certified, never mind you've jumped through all the hoops to get us to call you "kosher". We don't like your waitresses so you're not kosher.

    That's the hyopcrisy.

  5. The Chassidim don't like the female waitresses, the right wingers don't like the Arab waiter. Next some feminists will come in and demand for a female manager. How do you define massocism? Opening up a n eatery in Jerusalem.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you are now entering the twilight zone.

  6. This is not a new thing in Israel. I was in Geulah a few years ago on a Friday afternoon. I wanted to buy a slushie for my child but the guy in the falafel shop said he could not sell me one because it was after 1 p.m. I asked why and he said the badatz threatened to pull his hechsher if he sold slushies after 1 p.m. on Friday because the guys and girls from the local yeshivas / bais yaakovs will then hang out. So at 12:59 the slushies are kosher but at 1:01 they are not? This is how the rabbis have made themselves into laughing stocks. They are all guilty of chilul Hashem for degrading Torah.

    1. not really sure why this is chilul hashem. If a place is open on shabbos would you agree that they don't certify the place? Would you insist that they certify a place that has immoral entertainment? If you agree with the above then what type of restriction do you view as good and which are bad?

    2. the "heimishe" hashgachot and local vaadim do this all the time in america.

      they require you buy from a private label that is related to the rav hamachshir, etc.

      they dont allow you to sell tuna melt before 8pm (cause the store across the street competes with you on one item only -- tuna melt; but across the street closes at 8pm, so its ok then.) but tuna fish etc, is ok all the time.

      another doesnt allow water challah, but egg chalah is ok (cause the bakery that went out of business in the meantime, and reopened later baked water chalah. the vaad realized this five owners later.)

      another required a (female) pizza shop owner (who owned the store for a few years) to not wear pants in her private life (she didnt in the store -- she's not stupid.)

      another decided the commercial hashgacha of the son of a prominent world renowened rav is unnacceptable to that vaad, even though he is known the world over, too.

      these are just stories that local and "heimishe" hashgachot do all the time.

    3. i forgot another duzie: one local one man vaad would not allow a restaurant to compete with a goy owned restaurant (hasagat gvul does NOT apply vs a goy)


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