Friday, December 24, 2010

Rav Sternbuch: Blaming Torah


  1. They didn't actually blame "Torah". Even the most secular are not that stupid. Even the muslims are not so idiotic.
    The claims that I read - and also disputed on the talkbacks of the Israeli press - were that the Shas leader was guilty of negligence, and should resign. He actually called for more funds for the fire service - but his largely secular/left/ashkenazi enemies made the "chiddush" that he fought harder for Yeshiva stipends than he did for the firefighting budget.
    A few reasons why this kind of criticism cannot be taken seriously - even from a non haredi point of view:

    a) Israeli politics is very dirt, across the board. There are always calls for resignation after some crisis or other - but it rarely takes place. The secular left leaders rarely resign - the exception was once when Rabin resigned because his wife had a foreign bank account in around 1976.
    b) The leftist agenda only respects the Religious world when it suits their own politics. So some piskei Halacha of Gedolei Torah are praised by the left - only when it suits them. If, however, halacha does not match their views,they attack the entire religious world.
    c) The factors surrounding the fire are still unclear - was it arson by terrorists? And there has been an exceptionally long dry summer.
    d) Shas, at present, is against any surrender of Jerusalem, and also opposing the freeze on building housing. The haters of Torah and Israel do not like the fact that the mitzvah of building Eretz Yisrael is being carried out, so they find any excuse to atack Eli Yishai.
    e) There is resentment against yeshiva students. this is a big discussion - but it has nothing to do with the fire.

    Finally, there were some heavy rains 1 week after the fire. This was because there were recently some prayers and calling out to Heaven for rain. It suggests - to me at least - that the public prayers were to little and too late. The REAL cause of the fire, was that there was not enough prayer for rain. If there were prayers, they would be answered!

  2. "Chazal tell us that during Golus Bavel, anyone who left Bavel to go to Eretz Yisroel transgressed."

    can anyone say where this source is found?


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